Unpredictable [Harry Styles]

"Distance never separates two hearts that really care, for our memories span the miles and in seconds we are there. But whenever I start feeling sad, because I miss you, I remind myself how lucky I am to have someone so special to miss."


13. Introductions

Harry and I had been sitting in the bus with the rest of the band for about 30 minutes. We hadn’t said much to each other but I knew we needed to talk about the kisses. I needed to know a little more before I said yes, to whatever he was suddenly eager to introduce me to.
“So you wanted to talk.”
I was resting my head on Harry’s chest and lying all curled up on the sofa. Liam was in the back of the bus, Niall was sitting by my feet, Zayn was on the phone from his bed and Louis was sitting on the floor in front of me. It was actually nice but I would have preferred a more private place to discuss this.
Harry was whispering in my ear as he spoke so I wasn’t sure the rest of the band would hear.
“What about?”
“About those kisses…”
“What about them?”
“When did this happen Harry? What actually happened?”
“You were different.”
“But explain it to me.”
I was holding his hand and lying there half-asleep as I spoke, yet I had never felt more alive or more awake.
“We met a long time ago Elena. Things changed whenever you were around. The fans were acting different, you were so different and in the beginning everyone talked about how you travelled for us and I remember almost every single time we’ve met. I was always happier when you were around. Even a stupid meet and greet I didn’t want to do made me want to continue if I could see you in the queue. When I didn’t see you for a long time I was scared that something had happened to you, but I was watching you on twitter. Watching you battle through whatever it really was that you were so desperately trying to figure out.”
“I thought you wanted to forget about me.”
“I didn’t want to, but you must understand I couldn’t treat you much different than the rest of the fans because for them you weren’t a friend and I was too scared to tell.”
“When did you fall for me?”
“About a year ago, I guess it was the first time we really hung out, and I was reminded a couple of weeks back when you were in London.”
“Why were you angry at me then? Why didn’t you want to speak with me when I was in the queue to see you outside the studios?”
“Because I had finally gotten over you and I had finally realized that you weren’t the person I thought you were and then I went through your tweets to me and I saw that you had tweeted me so many times in the past few days and how much you had told me you needed to see me just one more time and everything. I was so angry when I first saw you but I soon realized that you had done it once again. You had come to me when you needed me the most and I hadn’t been the friend I wanted to be.
When we hung out that night I was reminded of everything I was and still am feeling for you. You’re so different and I love your personality so, so much. Just stay with me for a few days. Please?”
“I’m sorry. I really can’t. I have to take care of some stuff at home, but I’ll come back to you soon.”
The bus stopped and everyone looked up.
“Elena this is yours.”
I got up from my seat, or I tried to but Harry pulled me back down with him.
“Harry! I need to get home before someone sees.”
“Let them stare.”
I smiled at him and he let me go. I went to the back to say goodbye to Liam and then returned to the front and said goodbye to everyone except Harry who had told the others that he would follow me in.
“You know you didn’t have to.”
“It’s okay. I want to see where you live.”
“It’s nothing special.”
That was a lie. My house was nothing like everywhere else I had been before. We had stuff all over the place. My own room was filled with the many pictures I had taken with people through the past 4 years and it was incredible to see how everyone reacted when they saw it.
I opened the front door, it was about 1 am and my mum was still up. I saw the lights coming from the living room, when Harry followed me inside.
“Mum, I’m home.”
“I wasn’t expecting you for another hour or two. How was your day?”
My mum stopped and looked up when she saw Harry behind me.
“Oh I didn’t know you brought guest. You must be Harry.”
My mum turned to Harry and introduced himself. He was so polite it was actually fun to watch. It was something you did not expect. At least not, like this. 
“I’m just gonna show Harry around and then he’s gonna leave. The boys have a concert in Herning tomorrow, so they need to get to their hotel up there.”
“Oh okay. I thought he was staying.”
“Why would you think that?”
“Because the big bus you arrived in just left.”
My eyes widened and I turned around to look at Harry. Was this another setup. Was this why he had been acting strange?
“Harry did you know about this?”
“I told them we’d be meeting them at the concert tomorrow.”
“Of course you did…”
I rolled my eyes before I took Harry’s hand and guided him to my room.
I didn’t have the big master bedroom I actually wanted but I had something that was almost as special. At least it was for me, and to my family that was the most important thing. That we were happy with what we had no matter how much it was.

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