Unpredictable [Harry Styles]

"Distance never separates two hearts that really care, for our memories span the miles and in seconds we are there. But whenever I start feeling sad, because I miss you, I remind myself how lucky I am to have someone so special to miss."


24. I want you

When I had finished in the bathroom after a long day I went back into the big hotel room. I was wearing one of Harry's t-shirts but doubted that I was even gonna need it. My hair was hanging loose around my shoulder in a mess but not too much of a mess. My face was natural as I had taken off my makeup and my legs had been shaved.

Harry looked at me and smiled all over his face. He was sat on the bed still wearing his jeans and watching the telly. I don't know what was on there but it wasn't important because soon he was standing in front of me and moved his hands around my waist underneath the shirt.

The skin touching skin feeling made my stomach go crazy. I loved the feeling but it also made me nervous which of course made Harry question if he had done anything wrong.

"Are you okay?"


"Are you sure? You're shaking all over."

"I always am."

He placed his hand under my chin and looked into my eyes. He looked raelly worried and sad.

"What's up?"

"Nothing Harry, I'm okay."

I stepped up on the tip of my toes and placed a small and gentle kiss on his lips to give him the feeling that I wasn't just gonna give up on him and that he didn't do anything wrong at all.

As I leaned away he grabbed my neck and pulled me closer to him. He wanted me to be one with him. It was an amazing feeling and I loved it whenever he kissed me. I loved when he wasn't done with me. I let out a moan in the back of my throat and it made him pull me even closer. He loved turning me on, that was no secret but I'm pretty sure any guy like him would love to do that to a guy. 

We stopped after a while and I kept myself close to him stroking his cheek with one side of my hand. 

"What is it?" 

He asked with a smile all over his face. I felt the butterflies in my stomach kick as I moved closer to him and rested my head on his chest. 

"What's up little butterfly?" 

"I don't ever want this to end." 

"Me neither." 

He sat down on the bed and I was placed on his lap. I loved sitting on people, I just didn't do it much. I guess it was because I wasn't really around people. At least not in Denmark anyway. 

"Where are you going after this?" 

"We have a day off tomorrow which we'll spend going to Germany.-" 

"You're going to Germany on your day off, when you could be spending it with me?" 

"I don't have a choice this time. Trust me. I talked to them about it already." 

"What else then?"

"We're staying in Germany then going on to France and then back home." 

I moved closer to him. 

"What's going on now?" 

"I just don't wanna be a part from you. The thought of you not being here tomorrow is breaking my heart. Now that I've finally got you here it's about getting everything and I can't have everything Harry... I'll never be able to come see you every weekend or wake up next to you in the morning or just go visit you if I want to. My life isn't like that..." 

"It could be if you worked for it." 

"What do you want me to do? Just drop everything and focus on the person I've created online?" 

"Why not? Many other people are doing it, why can't you?"

"Because I'm not like everyone else." 

"Let's make you, you then. It seems like you need it." 

"What I need is for you to be here with me... That's everything I could ask for right now." 

"See you can have everything in certain moments." 

He kissed my forehead and sat there with me for what felt like forever. It was infinity to me and I loved it. I loved feeling like I had all the time in the world with him. Like I had everything I could ask for right there. It was the only thing that mattered to me right now. 

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