Unpredictable [Harry Styles]

"Distance never separates two hearts that really care, for our memories span the miles and in seconds we are there. But whenever I start feeling sad, because I miss you, I remind myself how lucky I am to have someone so special to miss."


11. Backstage

“OMG What happened up there?”

The girls around me all asked as soon as I was back on my seat and had sat down. At first they didn’t notice my messed up lipstick and the tears still streaming down my cheeks but they soon realised.

“OMG are you okay?”

“Yeah… everything is gonna be okay.”

I smiled as I said Harry’s words and he looked in my direction as he was singing. I nodded and kept looking at him as I took up my phone and snapped a picture of him.

“What happened out backstage?”

The crowd had just calmed down after the song had ended and the boys were fooling around on the stage.

“I was given a microphone and told to keep calm.”

“You took a long time to get back down here.”

“I just used a toilet and said goodbye to all of the boys.”


“Do you know Harry?”


“Because something was going on up on that stage and I don’t know what it was but I didn’t like it. Is something going on between the two of you?”

“Excuse me who are you to ask me all of these questions. Like I haven’t been through enough with journalist, paparazzi and fans hating me to have you sit here question me when I’m trying to see one of my best friends perform.”

“I knew it!”

I face palmed myself as had spoken. Why did someone always get me to speak out loud?

“You’re the girl from the picture! This was all a set up! They’re not actually trying to get fans on stage again he just wanted to show you off to the world! You have a messed up lipstick and you’re crying. What really happened backstage?”

So many people were staring at me now and I took my stuff and got up from the seat.

“What happens within the crew, stays within the crew. It’s none of your business what’s going on between me and Mr. Styles. Enjoy the rest of the concert.”

I left the concert hall and took on my jacket before I went outside. I sat down on a rock and lit up a cigarette. I didn’t really smoke but I guess I needed something right now. It was silent and dark outside and I wish I hadn’t left the building. A security guard was walking around smoking as well and smiled at me.

“Are you alright miss?”

“Tough night.”

“Ahh you were the girl on the stage before weren’t you?”

“Yeah I was…”

“What was going on up there? It seemed so chaotic.”

“I’m a friend of the band or I used to be and I wanted it to stop and went to England a few weeks back to say goodbye but it turned out I was actually saying hello to a whole new world. It’s hard to explain.”

“Are you unhappy about it?”

“No I just don’t like attention as much as Mr. Styles so I prefer if I can just not get it, and taking me up on stage in front of this many people is definitely not leaving me be from the attention.”

“I understand. Do you wanna go see them?”

“No it’s okay. I texted Harry already.”

“I’m not really allowed to bring people around but these are your friends and I saw things tonight that I haven’t seen at concerts before. Come back inside. I’ll find you a seat backstage so you won’t have to deal with the fans.”

I felt a little uncomfortable but I trusted the security guard and followed him in where I saw the tour bus I had been partying on last night. He followed me inside and I sat down in a room where the boys clearly had been in. It smelled a lot like them and it made me smile all over the face. I was given a coke and something to eat while I was waiting for the boys to finish.

30 minutes later a very sweaty Harry walked into the room and took off his shirt. He hadn’t seen me at all. He dried his sweaty face with his shirt and threw it in a chair across from the sofa I was sitting in and then threw himself in the chair before he realised I was there.



“How did you get in here?”


“They aren’t allowed to bring people though…”

“He knew I was a friend of yours.”


“You kissed me out of the blue, so what did you really expect me to call it.”

“You like me don’t you?”

“Of course I like you Harry. I’ve been in love with you for so long. Don’t you think there’s a reason I started calling you my friend? Don’t you think there’s a reason I kept showing up and a reason that I needed to come and say goodbye?”

“You’re not gonna say goodbye, so you’ve got to stop saying this. I’ve barely said hello and I really really like you Elena Anderson and you’re not gonna escape my love. I will not allow it. Not this time.”


I smiled at him as he had gotten up and sat down beside me. He was sweaty and smelled a little but in the moment I was currently in I couldn’t care less about smell.

He placed his left hand under my chin and moved my head towards him before he kissed me again. I really enjoyed the feeling of him kissing me, but his band mates seemed surprised as they entered the room and the noise they made was broken by the sight of their mate snogging some Danish girl.

“What’s going on in here?”

Niall looked towards us and Liam then stepped away still pissed at Harry for arranging the stage set up.

“Just a little catching up. How are you enjoying my home country?”

“Great crowd!”

“Tell me about it! The girls I was sitting beside were screaming so loud I couldn’t hear myself think!”

“No need to either I see.”

Niall smirked at me and then went to get a seat.

We sat there backstage for a while and it was great to catch up with boys I had actually missed a lot and this time I wasn’t confused because now I knew what was really going on inside the head of Mr. Styles. 

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