Unpredictable [Harry Styles]

"Distance never separates two hearts that really care, for our memories span the miles and in seconds we are there. But whenever I start feeling sad, because I miss you, I remind myself how lucky I am to have someone so special to miss."


10. A little surprise part 2

“So Elena let’s know a little secret about you.”

Liam looked at me, did he want me to tell or was it something else? I couldn’t read him. I didn’t know what to say.

“Where’s your favourite place in the world?”

This was such a set up and I was so scared.

“My heart has always and will always be beating for London, but I would love to see the rest of the world.”

“Oh, London you say. Anything special there?”

He was resting an arm around my neck and walking around on the stage with me. He was showing me off, annoying Harry and making sure someone got a clue of what was going on.

“Not really know, there used to be this guy I went to meet all the time but I guess after tonight that’s all gone. I should have stayed away when I decided to disappear for 6 months but I couldn’t resist just another hug and it was taken to a new level, a level I never asked for and a level I don’t want to play on.”

I looked over at Harry who walked up to Liam and I.

“But this person… don’t you think he’s just trying to hold on? That he feels like he’s losing you after something that’s happened.”

“It doesn’t matter because I told him a long time ago that all of this needed to stop. But I came back because of his fans and how they were ruining me. I came back to be told everything was gonna be alright and so I was told but he was showing me the world at the same time. And now all he has really done is scaring me away and made me want to forget what was ever happening between the two of us.”

“You heard that Harry? She’s scared of her friend.”

“Yeah… I heard that.”

I looked around and saw Niall, Louis and Zayn had left the stage. The fans were becoming eager for another song and just wanted this to go away and so did I.

Soon I looked back as I heard Liam start singing behind me and he looked to me as he was singing the first few lines of I Should Have Kissed You. All of the boys were staying in the back and Harry stood on the front of the stage with me. I looked up into his eyes and took away my microphone.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

“Everything is gonna be okay. I promise.”


“Just please move along to this.”

He started singing his part of the song and looked at me and took me around the stage. We walked back to the rest of the boys and I was placed on a chair and was serenaded there on the stage in front of about 30.000 people. It was as surreal as I thought my life would ever be but sadly this was only the beginning to what was about to happen in my life and I was scared and excited at the same time.

The song ended and Harry sang as he looked very intense at me

“I should have kissed you.”

I looked up at him and started shaking again before he placed a soft kiss on my forehead and then turned around with the rest of the boys for their round of applause.

“Everyone give it up to Elena!”

The crowd went mental once again but I was already down from the chair and had left the stage to go backstage. Just as I got there one of the guys from last night came out and greeted me. He smiled at me.

“Did you like your surprise?”

“You’re a fucking jerk! First you get me drunk, then you talk me into coming and then you write down that stupid number on the ticket you gave me! Why did you do this to me? Was it really worth it? I made a fool out of myself and Liam sure didn’t make things better! What did you think was gonna happen when I stepped out on that stage?”

“I’m sorry. I was just trying to help a friend Elena.”

“Well you backstabbed someone who could have been your friend.”

“He really wanted to see you after what happened in London!”

“Nothing happened in London so people gotta stop thinking something did!”

“Don’t you think there’s a reason he was suddenly interested in you the way he was?”

“What are you talking about?”

“He tweeted the pictures of the two of you, he went to your hotel, invited you to the studios, gave you his number! The boy is in love with you! When you disappeared he was worried about you! You always saw each other a couple of times a year but never with 6 months a part! He was so angry and confused when you finally showed up and started tweeting him again.”

“Has he been keeping an eye on me?”

“Of course he has! He cares about you Elena!”

I turned around when I heard someone behind me and saw Harry walk slowly in behind the rest of the boys.

“How much do you care about me Styles?”


“I said how much…”

I didn’t get to say more before he hugged me tight and kept his arms around my waist when he looked me in the eyes.

“I thought you had left.”

“Not yet.”

“Don’t leave.”

“I said I just needed a goodbye.”

“Don’t say goodbye when I haven’t said properly hello yet.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

I smiled as I looked at him a little confused. He seemed really happy that I was still there backstage. He really wanted to see me. He really wanted me to be there for him. In this moment I realised just how in love I was with the boy and how much I was trying to avoid it. I always did this when I fell for someone but this I couldn’t deny anymore.

I barely got to finish my sentence before Harry’s face was moving towards mine and I felt his lips crash on mine. It was the most incredible feeling and I couldn’t believe it was actually happening. When did his side of this happen? What was really going on? All of this was going through my head as I started spilling my tears of joy. Harry must have felt it because he stopped and looked at me.

“As I said… everything is gonna be okay princess.”

He wiped away some of the tears before he was called back out on stage and I was taken back to my seat. It was some weird night for me. 

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