Unpredictable [Harry Styles]

"Distance never separates two hearts that really care, for our memories span the miles and in seconds we are there. But whenever I start feeling sad, because I miss you, I remind myself how lucky I am to have someone so special to miss."


9. A little surprise part 1

“I wanna try something new tonight. Something we have tried before but didn’t work too well. We might have each other up here but I think we could use some company up here. Does anyone want to come up here and join us?”

Harry was speaking out at the concert that I definitely didn’t want to go to but I had been forced as I had been partying with the crew the night before and it had been all fun. I had accidentally told them that I would be coming but they couldn’t tell anyone from the band, which by the sound of what was going on, they had.

“We currently have some of our friends out there in the crowd who will help you up here. There’s a number written on one of the tickets. The one with the number will be joining us on the stage. I can reveal that the number is 165998 and is placed on the back of the ticket.”

Like everyone else I looked at my ticket and the girls around me went mental when they looked down at my ticket and saw the hand written number there on the back.

“Funny story about this number. It was my contestant number when I entered The X Factor back in the days, so the number is actually really special. It’s hand written on the back of one of the tickets out there in the crowd. Oh I see something is happening over here.”

Harry walked the stage and moved to the side of the hall I was placed in. He then looked down to the chaos I had created and it was somehow funny to see how these girls were reacting around me and see those big friends of the band come down and find me. They looked at the ticket and saw the number then took me with them. I followed the big security guys along the isle and all the way up to the stage where they helped me. I was taken backstage and given a microphone so I could join the boys up there on the stage. I was very calm as I walked up there. Way more calm than the rest of the crowd.

“Is our little friend on the way up on the stage?”

I heard them so clear as waited for them to look back and see me there. It was such a set up for him to see me again and make sure he saw me after I had said this. The crowd was going mental and I was so terrified of going out on the stage but at the same time so calm because those guys out there were my friends and I wasn’t scared of them. It was there fans who terrified me.

“Okay its exciting isn’t it? Should we do this at every concert?”

The crowd went mental and it continued as I walked out on the stage with a microphone in my hand. The security had taken me right to the edge of where the stage started and I was shaking all over and just wanted this all to end right now.


Harry was smiling cheekily at me and walked towards me as I was taking small steps out towards the crowd.


“What’s your name?”

“I’m Elena.”

“Everyone give it up for Elena.”

The crowd was screaming and I smiled and almost cried as I was standing there. Why was he doing these things to me? It was scaring me how he tried to do all of these things for me.

“Are you okay Elena? You look a little out of yourself.”

Liam stood on the other side of me and rested his arm on my shoulder. I must have had the right height for him to do so.

“Yeah, just a little stage fright.”

“Oh… Everyone let’s make it as comfortable for Elena while she’s here on stage with us. So let’s get to know each other a bit. I’m Liam. This guy over here is Niall.”

He walked up to Niall and swung an arm around his neck and looked to me.

“He’s Irish. Quite a funny fella.”

He then continued walking around on the stage and went to Louis and then swung the arm around him as well. He did this on the rest of the band until he reached Harry and that’s when he realised that he knew me. It was scary and he knew as well as me that this was a set up. Something I hadn’t had anything to do with.

The look on Liam’s face changed and he couldn’t speak. He was just looking at Harry all out of himself. Like something hit him really hard in the face, and he suddenly understood everything that was going on and why they had changed the plans on this specific date on the tour. It was all because of Harry and because of me.


“Huh? Oh yeah and this is Harry.”

He pushed him a little to the side.

“He’s very unpredictable and full of surprises all the time.”

He spoke through his teeth and seemed so pissed at Harry for what was going on in this moment he had put him in. I couldn’t imagine being in Liam’s place right now and I’m pretty sure he couldn’t imagine being in mine. It was just all too much and Harry knew that he was so screwed when this next song was over and the band could say goodbye to me backstage. I hoped and prayed that I wouldn’t end up being serenaded by the band but that’s what they had done in the past and that’s what made me so terrified of being up there the most. 

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