1. My Story

I was born into this, it wasn't something I could have ever avoided. I thought to myself looking into the dressing room mirror as I put on my outfit. It wasn't much of an out fit, yet again, I never really got to pick what I wore. There more skin showing than there was clothing the shorts barely covered my crotch.

The bikini top was bright pink, and the cup size was to small for me, but that is the way that he wanted it. I had ten minutes before I had to face him, him and the thousand men that were waiting out there.

I started to walk out of my dressing room, and down the hall to backstage. "There you are princess." Jimmy said laying his eyes on me for the first time all night. He studied my body, he did every single time he saw me. I put on the fake smile that I always had to. He gave me a kiss on the cheek, and then placed his hand on my back making me stand there with him.

"So tonight, I have to go out of town, and you have been here the longest. I am leaving you in charge for the night, you know how I like to run this place, and you are the only one who is able to keep it running the way I want." He said turning his head to talk directly into my ear. I just nodded. Don't get me wrong I was grateful for this opportunity, but he gave me the chills.

"Really?" I asked trying to act excited.

"You will make some crazy money tonight, and if all goes well you can be in charge every weekend." He said giving me a pat on the back, and then sliding his hand down my back to my ass. I just took a step away,

"Well that means that I have a lot to do!" I said, and then turned around, and started to make my way to the entrance to the front.

"Hey Kenny." I said as I passed one of the bouncers that guarded the door.

"Hey Cammy" Kenny said smiling at me.

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