A new life and a new love...

My story is about a beautiful young girl who falls in love with an older guy, he also falls in love with her. However,he's not the only boy who's after her.


2. moving in.

As soon as I arrived at my stepdads house in Southend I began to make myself at home. I kicked my favourite Nike airmaxes off and asked where my room was,to my surprise I actually had the biggest room. I liked the colour of my room, my stepdad painted it a Lilac colour,not my favourite colour,I've always liked the colour blue personally.

I opened up my suitcase and brought out my pierce the veil posters and hung each one up on the wall,within an instant it felt like my old bedroom again,I heard a sudden knock at the door,jumping up I hit my head on the wall in front of me. There,in two minutes I've already showed my clumsy side. But.. who was at the door?!

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