A new life and a new love...

My story is about a beautiful young girl who falls in love with an older guy, he also falls in love with her. However,he's not the only boy who's after her.


1. introduction.

Lola's POV ;

I had always wanted to find the guy of my dreams,I thought I had,but behind closed doors all was not how it seemed. This is my story,let me tell it right..

I'd always expected my mum to find another man in her life after dad left,although I didn't expect it to be so soon,almost immediately after he left it was as if she'd forgotten about him altogether,and began dating other guys,some even twice her age. I knew my little brother Leo had forgotten about dad,but this was due to Leo only being four,he still hasn't managed to stop wetting the bed,since mum is busy with her new boyfriend I suppose she has no time to help him, neither does she help him with talking either,therefor he only speaks a few basic words, as his big sister at the age of sixteen I have took it in my stride to teach him all these things,to use the potty and to teach him the everyday words he will need to know before he goes to nursery/kindergarten.

my mum,Leo and I moved to Southend on sea with my stepdad (well I suppose I Should start calling him that,his names Lee) and his son,who is also sixteen,named Shaun.

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