The Human Cullen (A Twilight story)

There's a sister no one knew about. She comes forth in this story.


2. The Human Cullen (A Twilight story) Chapter Two

As the week went by Edward still hadn’t come back no matter how much I wanted him to. My cell phone was taken by my father (to make sure I couldn’t bother him.) It was so unfair.

It’s been six days, six days that felt like a life time to me.

It was dark outside I was sitting on the couch with Emmett and Jasper watching TV.

Edwards coming back” said Alice.

Really” I said.

Yes” said Alice.

Thank god” said Esme.

Can I stay up until he gets here?” I asked.

Sure” said Carlisle looking as though he didn’t believe I could stay up that long.


Hours passed and I was raiding the frig for another soda (something my mom hid from me) but I found one and sat back on the couch.

Edward showed up an hour later I jumped up and hugged him showing him my thoughts of the week he missed.

Rin to bed” said Carlisle.

Dad” I said.

We had a deal” he said.

You better be here when I get up” I said walking up the stairs.


It’s going to be ok” said Alice. Jasper guided Edward into the cafeteria. Rosalie and Emmett leading the way, and me fallowing after Jasper. I got my tray and sat down. Emmett and Jasper decided to have some fun trying to help Edwards’s mood. So they through slush balls at him and more then once I became a target. They only stopped throwing them at me when I hid behind Rosalie who thru a few at them.

She’s not here yet” said Alice “They way she comes in won’t be down wind if we sit in our normal spot.”

Of course we will sit in our normal spot, Stop it Alice your getting on my nerves” said Edward.

Mine too’ I thought ‘you sure you can handle Biology?’

Rin your thoughts are getting on my nerves” said Edward.

Then don’t listen” I said.

Anything?” asked Jasper handing me his soda because I drank mine down desperate for something to drink after P.E.

Nothing, she must not have said anything” said Edward.

She seems shy” I said raising my eyebrows “She don’t seem to talk much, But she dose stare a lot, it’s annoying.”

Maybe you’re not as scary as you think you are” said Emmett chuckling “I bet I could have frighten her better then that.”

I giggled.

Wonder why” he said “Could you have stayed silent Rin.”

Probably not” I said.

We’ve been over that” he recalled the conversation I had been left out of.

She’s coming in” said Alice I seen Edward stiffen “try to look human.”

I am” I said.

Vary funny” said Alice.

Human you say” said Emmett reviling a snow ball he saved in his hand. I hid behind Rosalie again. He squeezed it into a lumpy block of ice his eyes on Jasper. He through it at Alice. I blinked and it shattered across the room it cracked the brick to. People looked at the broken ice on the floor, some turned to find who through it. No one looked at us.

Vary human Emmett” said Rosalie scathingly “Why don’t you punch your way through a brick wall while your at it.”

I think it would be more impressive if you did it, baby” said Emmett.

Edward looked at the line. I tried to ignore it but he seem to look worried about her. He glared at me and I bent my back over my tray.

Ease up Edward” said Emmett “Honestly. So you kill one human that’s hardly the end of the world.”

I stiffened at his words. Jasper reassured me as he always did when I felt my emotions getting out of control.

You would know” said Edward.

Emmett laughed “you got to learn to get over things. Like I do. Entreaty is a long time to wallow in guilt.”

Alice trough a similar piece of ice in Emmett’s face. I laughed.

You asked for it” said Emmett shaking his head in our direction.

Ew” Rose complained moving away from Emmett. I covered my face.

Stop it” I mumbled.

Alice laughed and we all joined in. Alice picked up her tray and used it as a shield. I hid behind Rose as much as I could.

Edward looked over at Bella’s table. I was constantly corrected on that.

I think you like her’ I thought, Edward glared at me again ‘am I right?’

He narrowed his eyes.

I’m dropping it’ I thought.

The bell rang Edward didn’t move, nether did the rest of us.

I think its ok” said Alice “Your mind is set I think you’ll make it through the hour.”

Why push it Edward” said Jasper “Go home. Take it slow.”

What’s the big deal?” asked Emmett “Either he will or wont kill her. Might as well get it over with, either way.”

I don’t want to move yet” said Rosalie “I don’t want to start over. We’re almost out of high school, Emmett. Finally.”

I agree with Rosalie” I said.

No Rose I really think it will be ok” said Alice “I’m ninety-three percent sure nothing bad will happen if he goes to class.”

Go to class” Edward ordered.

Alice and I left for our class.

Good luck’ I thought knowing he would listen to it. He liked going through my head, for some reason.

At the end of school Edward was already by his car.

Anyone die” I asked.

No” said Emmett “It got close though.”

So that’s why you ditched the end of class” I said to Alice.

We went home.



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