The Human Cullen (A Twilight story)

There's a sister no one knew about. She comes forth in this story.


12. The Human Cullen (A Twilight story) Chapter Twelve

When I woke up it was almost nine. I got up and started the shower I grabbed a towel and got in. The warm water felt nice on my skin.

I unwilling got out and got dressed.

“Hay sleeping head” said Emmett.

“Hay Rin you won the bet” said Jasper “Edward didn’t show up.”

“I can’t believe he skipped the game” said Emmett “Just to watch someone sleep. That’s pathetic.”

“That is pathetic” I said “but your not out of the clear, Give me my fifty bucks.”

“Can’t you just say you were right?” asked Emmett pulling out his wallet.

“No” I said “Hand it over.” He pulled out a fifty and gave it to me.

Jasper was talking to Peter and Charlotte. They were leaving soon. Edward came in and sat down at the piano. I went into the kitchen to get something to eat.

I stopped at the sound of the piano. I think everyone else did to. Edward continued to play it was nice. It was soft like a lullaby. It wasn’t something that he’s played before. Listening to him playing I burnt my hand on the pan I was cooking sausage in.

‘Ow’ I shouted in my head I ran it under cold water fighting back tears. My dad came to help me.

“Just keep it under the cold water” he said. It wasn’t working it still felt like it was on fire. Who new grease could get that hot?

“Ow” I said “It’s not working.”

“Let me see it” he said taking it from the water to look at it. The coldness of his hands made most of the pain go away.

“Ow” I said when he touched it.

“It doesn’t look too bad” he said “But I’ll need to wrap it up just in case.”

“Ok” I said putting back under the water.

“That should be good” he said “Come on.” He took my good hand and took me upstairs to his office.

“No not that stuff” I said eyeing the blue stuff he took out of his bag.

“It will help I promise” he said.

“That stuff makes it worse” I said.

“It’s this or the hospital” he said picking up the bottle know the argument was over.

When he put it on my hand I swear it was on fire.

“Ow” I said wincing as he rubbed it in, got some gos and tape and wrapped my hand.

“So how did you burn your hand” He asked as he taped it.

“It’s Edwards fault” I said “Him and his stupid piano.”

I was cretin Edward was laughing right now. I heard a door slam.

“There you go” said my dad, he looked happy “Dose it still burn?”

“No, not yet” I said. I could feel a question burning in me a question I never asked and never would if I could help it “Thanks.”

“I don’t think you should cook for awhile” he said with a grin on his face.

“My cooking skills have nothing to do with it” I said fallowing him back down the stairs. Peter and Charlotte were gone Edward was still playing the piano. Emmett was still watching TV Alice and Jasper were on her computer, Rosalie was gone. My mom was next to Edward wile he played. I went outside to soak up some sun since all of my homework was done. The breeze was nice on my face and the question in my head came to my thoughts. Edward stopped playing for a second then continued. I felt bad about it now. He could get inside my head, but I knew he regretted it just now.

My mind was of an adopted human and the questions in my head no vampire could understand. But I would never ask that question to spare my parents and siblings of it, only Edward would know it no on else would.

Edward left to go to Port Angles for some reason.

‘Stalking Isabella again’ I thought ‘you should get a hobby.’

He laughed and kept walking to his car.

I sat in the sun eyes closed. I couldn’t help but feeling like something was coming and it might not be pleasant.

“What are you doing?” asked Jaspers voice.

“Soaking up some sun” I said “Why?”

“You look like your board “He said sitting down next to me “What’s wrong really.”

“I don’t know what your talking about” I said and my mood changed.

“You sure” said Jasper pretending not to be a where of what he was doing.

“That’s not fair, stop it” I said.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“If I wanted to tell you I would” I said “I don’t want to talk right now.”

“Jasper” said Esme “Leave her alone for now.”

“Ok” he said “we’ll talk later.”

“Whatever” I said. I knew he wouldn’t let it go I would get Edward to have him drop it. The truth was none of them would ever here the question or questions in my head. Edward knew and he would be the only one that would if I could help it.

I didn’t want to hurt my family with it. I would keep it quite as long as I could. When the sun started to go down I stayed where I sat until my mom came out to get me.

“It’s time to come in” she said “What would you like to eat?”

“I’m not really hungry” I said.

“Sweetheart you need to eat something” She said as I got up.

I walked inside my mom fallowing me. Alice went outside to wait for Edward. I ate slowly not interested in my food. Jasper stopped questioning me. He was now trying to sooth me. My emotions were going everywhere, I couldn’t control them anymore well I never could but it was worse now. Jasper did his best. Edward came back and went directly upstairs. A few minutes later he came back with my dad.

“What’s going on?” I asked but they left.

After I ate I watched TV with Emmett. I went to bed at nine so Jasper would stop bothering me.



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