The Human Cullen (A Twilight story)

There's a sister no one knew about. She comes forth in this story.


3. The Human Cullen (A Twilight story) Chapter Three

I woke the next morning like I hadn’t slept all night. I was sure Emmett would make fun of me because I was so tired. I was worried that when I woke up Edward would not be their. I got dressed leaving my hair down. I looked out the window; the rain had frozen the snow sold last night.

I walked downstairs to the kitchen to get something to eat I got a glass of orange juice and popped a breakfast tray in the microwave.

My mom came in to see if I was eating. I skipped breakfast now and then.

I took my food out of the microwave grabbed a fork and started eating. My dad came in and sat down reading the paper.

Rin you need to make a list of things you want from the grocery store” said Esme “You’re almost out of juice and milk.”

Ok” I said. She handed me a piece of paper and a pen. I wrote down everything I wanted soda was at the top of the list.

Rin you don’t need soda” she said looking at my list.

I won’t drink it all the time” I said “I promise.”

Fine” she said.

Rin you better hurry” said Carlisle “you’ll get left behind.”

I shoved the last bite in my mouth drank the rest of my orange juice. I got up to leave the room. My mom took the dishes from the table in a flash.

Alice and Edward were standing at the bottom of the stairs.

I’m ready” I said pulling on my coat.

I walked arm and arm with Edward to the car so I wouldn’t fall and give Emmett something to laugh about. I loved my brother regardless vampire or not, I was the only human in the family. Emmett found me amusing, Edward never stayed out of my head, Alice was set on letting me make my own decisions at her convince to make my future more clear to her, Jasper kept me calm as possible my emotions needed to be watched he thought, Rose left me alone when I wanted to be alone, Something that’s impossible for my parents to do.

We go to school Edward seemed to be waiting for something so I waited for him to walk me to class so I didn’t fall. Alice waited with us. Bella Swan pulled into a parking spot cutting the engine of her noisy truck.

Edward seemed interested in her. So I started to walk alone then it happened. I blinked and Edward was gone I seen him push a van away from Bella’s truck.

I stepped forward wondering what to do. I stepped on ice; my feet were no longer under me. I hit my head on the next to me and then hit the ground. My head bounced off the pavement.

OW” I yelled holding my head. Jasper Emmett and Rosalie appeared by the car. My head was pounding so I couldn’t get up.

An ambulance showed up and they put Bella in the back wile Edward got in the front.

Alice looked at me, and tried to help me up. I was too dizzy to stand up.

Are you ok?” asked Emmett trying to pull me to my feet.

Do you need to go to the hospital?” asked Jasper.

Is my head bleeding?” I asked.

No” said Rosalie.

I’ll take you to the hospital” said Alice.

I feel fine” I said.

Get over your fear off hospitals Rin” said Jasper.

Your going” said Emmett picking me up and putting me in the car.

Alice called Carlisle and told him I was coming.

Go straight to Carlisle” said Alice “you can walk right?”

Yes I can walk” I said getting out of the car.

I walked wearily through the hospital. I had a fear of hospitals for some reason. I walked right into Edward who looked upset.

What happened to you?” he asked.

You left me to die” I said replaying what happened “You were supposed to walked me to class but you didn’t, Where’s dad?”

Right here” said Carlisle’s voice coming from around a curtain.

I couldn’t let her get hurt” said Edward.

Whatever” I said “Dad my head hurts.”

I imagine it dose Alice said you hit it pretty hard” he said indicating that I get on the bed.

Rin I didn’t hit you to did I?” asked someone next to me. It was Tyler Cowley.

Huh” I said as my dad checked my head.

I’m so sorry” said Tyler.

For what I fell on the ice” I said my tone shut him up.

I need to X-ray your head” said Carlisle “Then you can go home.”

I don’t want an X-ray” I complained.

Too bad” he pulled me up and walked me to the X-ray room.

I’m not going in their” I said but had little choice in the matter.

He lifted me on the table.

It wont hurt I promise” he said moving my head so he could X-ray it then he moved it again he took three pictures of my head.

I waited in his office for him to get done.

Well you don’t have a concussion” he said walking through the door my mother right behind him.

He put Tylenol on the table with some water. “It will make the pain go away.”

I took it knowing if didn’t my head would hurt that much worse later.

You ready dear?” asked Esme.

Yes” I said standing.

I’ll be home in a few hours ok” said Carlisle.

Ok” I said letting my mother lead me to the car.

When I got home I laid down on the couch and went to sleep.

My dad woke me up when he got their.

A family meeting Rin” he said.

I got up and went into the dining room and sat down.

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