The Human Cullen (A Twilight story)

There's a sister no one knew about. She comes forth in this story.


6. The Human Cullen (A Twilight story) Chapter Six

When I woke up I felt calm.

You actually awake this time” said Jaspers voice making me jump.

Of course she is” said Alice.

False alarms?” I asked.

A lot of them” said Jasper “Those wolves won’t even get near you.”

Edward told us your dream” said Alice “you can go back to bed it’s going to be sunny today.”

I’m not tired anymore” I said “My head hurts though.” I didn’t have time to blink before my father was standing next to me with a glass of water and two Tylenol in his hand.

Here you go” he said. I took them.

Edward made you breakfast” said Alice “I’m not sure how eatable it is though.”

He was watching the food channel all night” said Emmet walking in the room.

I’m going to take a shower first” I said.

Ok” said Carlisle. Alice stayed.

So” She said “Do you want to go shopping later?”

I thought it was going to be sunny” I said.

It’s not in Seattle” she said.

Sure why not” I said “It sounds fun.”

That’s grate” she said crossing the room in less then a scored. I let the hot water run for a few minutes. Then I got in. I let the water run over me. I hated it when Jasper calmed me down wile he was in the room, and then the calm left with him.

I wrapped a towel around me. And then went to my closet.

Alice” I said like she was in the room.

The door opened and closed quickly.

Ok you want to wear something light but not to light” she said “It will be warm but also raining. Here you go.” She pulled out a light silk shirt, then a blue skirt it was a little darker then the shirt.

Alice I’m human” I said “I can’t wear that in the rain.”

The mall we are going to has and underground parking lot” She said grabbing a pair of blue boots. The same color of the skirt.

They will not approve of the outfit you picked Alice” I said. My mother was now in the room.

Lets see” she said “Its’ not to bad. I approve of it.”

It’s too short” I said.

No it’s not it’s just right for you” said Esme.

I’m so not wearing that’ I thought.

Get Dressed Rin I’ll meet you down stairs” said Alice. I walked back in to my closet searching for a new color. I found a black skirt (it was a little longer then the blue not by much) and a black shirt. That looked like a tank-top to me. And then I grabbed my black boots I managed to save from Alice replacing my cloths, only because I let it be know I was giving them up without a fight. So my mother told Alice to leave them alone.

I got dressed imaging Alice’s face in my head as I walked downstairs. I was right she didn’t like the fact I changed the color on her but didn’t bother to stop me doing it. So it must not have been to bad.

Here you go” said Edward as I sat down at the table.

Maybe I should cook myself” I said.

Try it first” He said. I took a bite it tasted like I bit into a sold piece of salt. I gagged on it.

Are you trying to kill me “I asked him.

What was wrong with it?” he asked.

Too much salt” I said.

Oh” he said “let me try again.”

Just put something in the microwave” I said.

No fun” he said.

Edward I haven’t eaten since lunch yesterday” I said getting up and going to the freezer. It was half empty. So was the frig. I turned to Edward.

What?” he asked.

What” I said “It’s almost empty. It was full yesterday.”

Sorry” he said “I had to try you know.”

Get a cookbook next time” I said.

That’s an idea” he said.

You can pick up something on the way” said Esme “I still have your list and it will be full by the time you get back. Ok”

Ok” I said fallowing Alice to Edwards’s car.

That’s my car” Edward yelled.

Get over it” said Alice.

My stomach growled.

Where do you want to get something to eat?” she asked pulling out of the garaged.

You know what I like” I said.

Ok” she said.


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