The Human Cullen (A Twilight story)

There's a sister no one knew about. She comes forth in this story.


7. The Human Cullen (A Twilight story) Chapter Seven

We parked into a middle level of the parking lot.

What do you want to do first?” he asked.

Jewelry sounds good” I said.

Ok” She said.

We walked to Diamond’s Express. It was the best place for anyone to get diamonds. Alice wouldn’t have the fake kind of diamonds. I found a blue Safire in the shape of a heart. White diamonds were on the outside of it.
“Beautiful” said the sales girl. I hadn’t realized I was gawking at it.

Yes” I said.

You can get put on a chain or a bracelet” she said.

Is this the only one you have” I asked.

No we have more in the back” she said.

Can I get both?” I asked.

Yes mam you can” she said “What kind of chain would you like?” she pulled up samples.

This one” I said pointing at the white diamond bracelet the same for the necklace.

Ok” she said “I can have them ready in few minutes.”

So find anything” asked Alice “Oh good choice. I think I might get one too. Maybe one for Rose and Esme too. You should pick out earrings or something that goes with it.”

Good idea” I said walking across the room looking at the earring’s I didn’t find anything to go with it. But I could have it made if I wanted to.

Mam” said the sales girl “Is this to your likening?” she opened both boxes showing them to me.

Yes their perfect” I said.

Can I get three of each?” asked Alice” The same please.”

Right away” she said.

Did you find anything to match” she asked.

No” I said “But it’s ok.”

Here you are” said the girl “Cash or credit?”

Credit” said Alice pulling out her credit card “It’s all together.”

Ok” she put them into separate bags. A name necklace caught my eye wile she was ringing everything up.

Can I have one of those made?” I asked.

Yes” said the girl “Name?”

Rin Cullen” I said “Spelled R-I-N, C-U-L-L-E-N.”

Ok” she said righting that down “how would you like it decorated?”

Safire’s” I said.

Ok” said the girl “you can pick it up in a week.”

Thanks” said Alice “Let’s get cloths.”

Ok” I said fallowing her.

Alice seemed to think I needed an outfit for everyday of the year and a pair of shoes for every outfit. Now I was wishing Emmet or Jasper had come with us to help carry everything Alice picked out. We spent more then half the day in clothing stores. More then once I was tempted to call Jasper to come and help. But for some reason Alice took my phone.

Ok, let’s take these to the car” she said pilling bags in my arms and the rest in hers. She led the way to the car. After the trunk was full she put stuff in the back seat.

Let’s get something to eat” I said Then lets go home.”

I’m just getting started” said Alice. My phone rang.

Hello” I said”

Hello” sad Esme “Are you having fun.

Please save me” I said.

Alice glared at me.

You two need to get home soon ok” she said.

Ok” I said “Bye.”

Bye” she hung up.

Let’s hit a Entertainment store” said Alice then lets get you something to eat.”

No offence Alice but I’m not sure how much more this car can hold” I said.

It can hold a little more” she said grabbing my hand.

I fallowed unable to complain.

I went through the CD’s and movies looking for some that we didn’t have, their wasn’t much of a selection either Alice clamed to have seen every single move in the store, and listened to almost every CD.

I didn’t get much.

I got something to eat on our way out to the car.

And we went home.


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