The Human Cullen (A Twilight story)

There's a sister no one knew about. She comes forth in this story.


4. The Human Cullen (A Twilight story) Chapter Four

Edward walked through the door and sat down next to me. Rosalie sat across from Carlisle, Jasper stood behind her and Emmet sat next to her. Alice sat next to Esme.

I’m sorry” said Edward “I didn’t mean to put any of you at risk like that, I was thoughtless, and I take full responsibility for my actions.”

What do you mean take full responsibility for your actions?” said Rosalie “Are you going to fix it?”

No the way you mean” said Edward “I’m willing to leave now, if that makes things better.”

No” said Esme and I at the same time “No Edward.”

Just a few years” he said patting her hand.

NO’ I shouted in my head.

Esme’s right” said Emmet “We need you to tell us what people are thinking.”

Alice will see anything major” said Edward.

I think Emmet’s right” said Carlisle “The girl is more likely to talk if you disappear, It’s all of us or none.”

She won’t say anything” said Edward looking at Rosalie.

You don’t know her mind” said Carlisle.

I know this much, Alice back me up”

I can’t see what will happen if we ignore this” said Alice. What did she mean?

Rosalie smacked the table making me jump.

You cant allow the human a chance to say anything” she said “Carlisle you must see that, Even if we all do decided to disappear, it’s not safe to leave the stories behind us, we live differently then the rest of our kind – you know those who love an excuse to point fingers. We have to be more careful then anyone else.”

We’ve left roomers behind us before” Edward reminded her.

Just roomers and suspicions Edward not eyewitness evidence” she said.

Evidence” he said. They weren’t thinking what I thought they were, were they?

Rose-” Carlisle began.

Let me finish Carlisle” said Rosalie “It doesn’t have to have to be a big production; the girl hit her head today. So maybe that injury turns out more serious then it looked, I’m capable of-”

No” I yelled.

Yes we all know how proficient assassin you are” said Edward, She hissed at Edward and glared at me.

Edward please” said Carlisle “Rin calm down. Rosalie I looked the other way in Rochester because I felt you deserved justice the men you killed were wrong and monstrously. This is not the same situation. The Swan girl is an innocent.”

It’s not personal Carlisle” she said “It’s to protect us all.”

Their was a brief silence. Rosalie and Carlisle looked at each other.

I know you mean well Rosalie” said Carlisle “But I’d like our family worth protecting. The occasional accident or lapse in our control is regrettable part of who we are. To murder a blameless child in cold blood is another thing entirely. I believe the risk she presents, whether she speaks on her suspicions or not, is nothing to the grater risk. If we make exceptions to protect ourselves, we risk something much more important. We risk losing the essence of who we are.”

Rosalie scowled “It’s just being responsible.”

It’s being callous” He corrected her gently “Every life is precious.”

It’ll be fine, Rose” said Emmet. My eyes were on my father.

The question is whether we should move on” said Carlisle.

No” Rosalie moaned “we just got settled. I don’t want to have to start my sophomore year in high school again.”

You could keep your present age, of course” said Carlisle.

And have to move on that much sooner” she said.

Carlisle surged.

I like it here their so little sun, we get to be almost get to be normal.”

I like it here too” I said.

We don’t have to decide now” said Carlisle “Edward seems sure of the Swan girl’s silence.”

Rosalie snorted, My head was pounding again.

Jasper hadn’t moved at all.

Jasper” said Edward.

Jasper didn’t move, he just looked at Edward.

She wont pay for my mistake, I wont allow it” he said.

She benefits from it then? She should have died today Edward, I would only set that right.”

I flinched.

I won’t allow it” he repeated.

I won’t let Alice live in any danger” said Jasper “You don’t feel about anyone as I feel for her, Edward you haven’t lived what I lived through, whether you seen my memories or not. You don’t understand.”

Jazz” said Alice.

He looked at her “Don’t bother telling me you can protect yourself, Alice I already know that I’ve still got to-”

That’s not what I’m going to say” said Alice “I was going to ask you for a favor. I know you love me. Thanks. But I would appreciate if you didn’t try to kill Bella. First of all Edwards serious, and I don’t want you two fighting. Secondly, she’s my friend, or at least she’s going to be.”

But…Alice” he said.

I’m going to love her someday Jazz” said Alice “I’ll be very put out if you don’t let her be. Ah see Bella’s not going to say anything. Theirs nothing to worry about.”

Alice” said Edward “What…dose this…?”

I told you a change was coming, I don’t know Edward” she said.

Now I was confused.

Alice what are you hiding, is this about the girl Bella?”

Really confused.

No” Edward yelled making me jump and lean away from him.

Edward” said Carlisle.

Every minute you’re decided” she said “There’re really only two ways left now, it’s one or the other.”

No” he said again.

Will somebody please let us in on the mystery” said Emmet irritated.

I have to leave” said Edward.

Edward we’ve been thru that” said Emmet.

I don’t see you going anywhere Edward” said Alice “If you can leave anymore.”

I don’t hear that” said Edward “Why are you doing this to me? Love her too, no. I’ll leave, I don’t have to fallow that course, I’ll leave, Ill change the future.”

You can try” said Alice.

Oh come on” said Emmet.

Pay attention” said Rosalie “Alice sees him falling for a human, How classy Edward.” She made a gagging sound.

What? That’s been what’s going on” said Emmet “Tough break Edward.”

Fall for a human” said Esme “For the girl you saved today, falling in love with her.” Now I felt invisible.

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