The Human Cullen (A Twilight story)

There's a sister no one knew about. She comes forth in this story.


5. The Human Cullen (A Twilight story) Chapter Five

What do you see Alice, Exactly” said Jasper.

It all depends on how strong he is” said Alice “He could kill her himself, which would really irritate me, Edward not to mention what it would do to you. Or she’ll become one of us someday.”

It won’t happen either one” said Edward.

Someone gasped.

It all depends” said Alice “How strong he is, It will take an amazing amount of control, even more then Carlisle has, he may just be strong enough, the only thing he’s not strong enough to do is stay away from her, That’s a lost cause.”

This complicates things” said Carlisle.

I’ll say” said Emmet, it sounded like he was going to laugh.

I suppose our plans remain the same” said Carlisle “We’ll stay and watch; obviously no one will harm the girl.”

No” said Jasper “I can agree, Alice only sees two ways.”

No” said Edward “No.”

Edward ran out of the room. I sat their processing it all. My head was slower then theirs and it hurt. I asked if I could have more Tylenol.


Over the next few days after we got home from school Edward would take off somewhere. I sat doing my homework with Jasper and Alice. Every now and then they would let me copy their homework. But my mother was watching making sure that didn’t happen. She seemed to think I needed to do it on my own with help not copying.

You carry the two” said Alice.

Then add that to the five” said Jasper.

And get seven” I said “Seven hundred and two. You sure that’s right.”

Yep” said Alice.

I put my head on the table.

It’s all right Rin” said Jasper.

Tell that to my head” I said not looking up “Mom can I please take a break?”

Sure” said Esme.

Ever since I hit my head I felt slower then usual. I got up and walked upstairs to my dads office.

Come in Rin” He said. I opened the door. “what can I do for you.”

Are you sure theirs nothing wrong with my head” I asked.

Yes” he said “Are you ok?”

Just tired I guess” I said.

Something wrong” he said “Tell me what’s on your mind.”

Everyone is listing” I said “and “I’m sure Alice and Edward already know. Edward likes going thru my head for some reason.”

Is it that bad?” he asked looking worried.

It feels that way” I said.

Rin tell me what’s wrong or I can’t help you” he said standing next to me.

I don’t know myself” I said.

Ok” he let it go. And I was sure he would ask Edward when I was asleep or something.

I’m going to lay down for a little bit” I said.

Ok” he said hugging “let me know when you feel better.”

I nodded and went to my room. I turned off the light and closed my curtains.

I was standing on a beach; it looked like it was close to home. But that couldn’t be right I wasn’t allowed their even though I was human.

Some thing moved behind me I turned around. Nothing was their. Now I could here growling it was close to. I blinked and out of nowhere a giant black wolf knocked me to the ground. I tried to push it off but I was too weak. The wolf bared its teeth.


NO” I scrammed sitting up.

Rin are you ok” asked Esme who was beside me in no time at all.

Rin” said Carlisle. I put my face in my hands trying to stop the tears from coming. I was unsuccessful.

Whatever it was it really scared her” said Jasper’s voice.

Rin can you here me sweetheart” said Esme “Your safe dear.”

Talk to us Rin” said Carlisle “we can’t help if you don’t say anything.”

Bad dream” I said “It felt so real though.”

My mom put her arms around me.

It’s ok your safe” She said “your going to fine.”

Do you want to talk about it?” asked Jasper. I shook my head.

Rin it won’t go away if you talk about it” said Emmet.

Leave her alone she doesn’t want to talk about it” said Rosalie.

Rin do you want me to Edward?” asked Alice.

No” I said.

Call me for what?” asked Edwards voice. I assumed he looked at me “It’s ok Rin it wasn’t real. It wont come anywhere near you.”

What are you talking about?” asked Emmet getting annoyed.

I buried my face in my mothers shoulder.

Just her dream” said Edward.

My stomach growled.

What time is it’ I thought.

After midnight” said Edward.

Do want to eat” asked Esme “Or do you want to go back to sleep.”

She needs to eat” said Carlisle.

My bed disappeared from beneath me. Now I was laying on the couch.

You sure you’re ok?” asked Jasper. I felt calm now.

I nodded. I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.


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