The Human Cullen (A Twilight story)

There's a sister no one knew about. She comes forth in this story.


11. The Human Cullen (A Twilight story) Chapter Eleven

Alice called Tanya the next morning to tell Eleazar that he was right about me.

“Yes she can move things with her mind” said Alice wile Jasper chatted with Pater and Charlotte.

“I’m jumping for joy” I said annoyed at Alice’s enthusiasm.

Eleazar must have sounded excited because Alice sounded happier if that was even possible.

“Don’t be so down” said Charlotte “I’d love to what you can.”

“Everyone is excited but me” I said flipping a page of the cookbook I was looking at “I don’t think its so grate, it’s a pain.”

“You say that now” she said “But you will come to like it or you may need it at some point.”

“I guess your right” I said righting down ingredients.

“You made that sound like it was so hard to say that” said Jasper. I thru a book at him, too bad he seen it coming.

“Football game tonight” said Emmet walking into the room “Ow, what was that for?”

“I have no control over anything that fly’s at your head” I said flipping through the book for another recipe I wanted to try.

“Yeah right” he said “Where is Edward?”

“I think he went to his new girlfriend” I said.

“You playing tonight Rin” asked Emmet.

“What?” I asked not really paying much attention.

“Football” he said.

“No” I said righting down more ingredients.

“Why not?” he asked.

“It’s just your excuse to beat me up without getting into trouble” I said.

“Is not” he sounded so guilty.

“Hay Mom can you pick all of this up on Wednesday?” I asked “Please.”

“Yes” she said taking the list.

“Where is Edward?” I asked.

“He went for a walk” said Alice.

“Stalking is not going for a walk” I said.

“He’s trying Rin” she said “What do you want him to do?”

“Stop stalking Isabella” I said.

“Bella” She corrected me “I don’t see a big deal. He won’t even let me talk to her.”

“It must be terrible” I said.

“Fake sympathy is not helping” said Alice.

“I thought I was convincing” I said.

“Tell that to someone who hasn’t known you your entire life” she said.

“I’ll get right on that” I said.

“I left a note for Edward” said Emmet.

“I don’t think he will come” I said.

He put me in a headlock.

“I bet he will” said Emmet.

“I bet you fifty bucks he won’t” I said pulling his arm from me.

“You got a deal” said Emmet shaking my hand.

I’m so going to win he’s busy stalking Isabella’ I thought.

As the game went on I got board so I looked back at my first day Forks high.

I was terrified I had never been to a school before. Edward said no one would bother me as long as I stayed with them. Jasper tried to help but it didn’t mess with my mind.

“Don’t worry” said Emmet “If anyone bothers you just tell me and I’ll make them get away from you.”

“Thanks” I said “I’ll call you when I need a bodyguard.”

“Ha, ha that was so funny” said Emmett.

“Stop it she’s nervous enough” said Jasper.

“Don’t worry Rin” said Carlisle “your human you’ll fit right in.”

“Your going to do just fine” said Esme “just stick with you brothers and sisters and you will do just fine.”

“Thanks mom” I said.

“Come on” said Alice “The day looks good you will be just fine.”

“Thanks Alice” I said not convinced.

“Come on Rin we’ve done this more times then you” said Rosalie that didn’t help at all.

“Rose we are trying to help” said Edward “Not make her go hide in her room. Don’t try it.”

“Come on sis” said Emmett picking me up and carrying me to the car.

‘Nothing to worry about’ I thought ‘nothing to worry about, everything will be fine.’

“That’s right” said Edward answering my thoughts.

I unwillingly sat in between Emmett and Jasper; they seemed to think I would run. What good would it do?

“Here we are” said Edward.

“Come on Rin” said Emmett pulling me out of the car.

“Just act human” said Alice. I decided to slap her. Her eyes narrowed but I changed my mind. I knew I would hurt my hand.

Edward led the way with everyone staring at us…


I woke up in my bed. I yawned and went back to sleep.  

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