The Human Cullen (A Twilight story)

There's a sister no one knew about. She comes forth in this story.


8. The Human Cullen (A Twilight story) Chapter Eight

Emmet’s jaw dropped when Alice carried everything in.

“That part is Alice’s” I said pointing to the largest pile “that is mine.” I pointed at the smaller one it wasn’t smaller by much. I pulled out my necklace and brace let and showed it to my dad. He put it on me, and helped with the bracelet. Rosalie had hers on and so did my mom.

“Looks like you two hit every store” said Jasper.

“Almost” I said “Alice was uncontrollable. I’m never doing that again.”

“Jasper” said Alice “Peter and Charlotte are coming for a visit on Monday.”

“What?” said Edward.

“What, It’s not like they haven’t visited before” said Alice.

Edward looked upset.

“What about Rin” he said.

“They won’t bother her” said Alice “They know she’s family.”

Edward and Emmet left to go hunting.

“Rin” said Carlisle.

“Yes” I said looking up at him from my book I was supposed to read for English.

“What do you want for dinner?” he asked “I’ll order for you.”

“I think I’ll have Italian” I said.

“I’ll go get it” said Alice.

“What are you going to do for three hours?” I asked.

“I’ll find something to” she said.

I turned back to my book. My dad sat down next to me.

“Are you ok?” he asked.

“Yes” I said “Why?”

“You don’t look so good” he said.

“Your emotions are saying something what you’re not saying” said Jasper “What’s wrong. I know there’s something I can feel it.”

“I’m fine” I lied “Nothing wrong with me.”

“That lie would be convincing” said Alice “But I can see that you’re not ok. Rin what ever it is you can tell us its ok.”

“There’s nothing wrong with me” I said a little loud. My dad raised his eyebrows at the tone of my voice.

“Rin” said Esme.

“Leave me alone” I said Getting and going upstairs to my room. Nothing wrong with me, except that people keep asking that.

I lay on my bed turning up my stereo. I started to sing along. I’m sorry 2004.

I felt tired that song always made me that way. But now I was sure everyone thought I was depressed after that song. No one came up though. They probably wanted to leave me alone. I wasn’t depressed. So I changed the song. Party up in here By DMX. My mom didn’t approve of that song so I changed it again. I found a song after going most of my CD’s. If I had any more CD’s it would have taken longer. Edward probably had the most CD’s in the house he had an entire shelf of them who knows if he really listens to them. I closed my eyes as the CD played listening to the piano playing softly with a violin, and then a flute came in. I dropped the remote I was holding…

I was in the dark surrounded by nothing. No light no nothing. When light came I was on a beach. I remembered this beach it was in La Push. This time their was more then one wolf their were three and they surrounded no where to run. One stepped forward.

“Stay away from me” I said backing away but then I stopped watching my back. They growled.

Why were they bothering me I was human. Was it because I was a Cullen? But I was human the only human in the Cullen family. Was it my name they hated so much, or the rest of my family?

They jumped.

“NO” I screamed. Something flu across the room, without me torching it.

“Rin are you ok” it was my dad.

“Rin what happened?” asked Esme.

“Rin” said Carlisle shaking me a little “Rin what’s wrong.”

“They won’t leave me alone” I said.

“Who wont?” asked Jasper “She’s really scared.”

“They want me dead” I said.

“What?” said Rosalie “What is she talking about?”

“I don’t know” said Jasper.

“Rin can you here me” said Alice.

“I’m human but they won’t leave me alone” I said.

“They won’t touch you” said Carlisle “I promise they can’t get to you.”

“They can’t go near you” said Jasper “They can’t come here.”

“But I’m not here I’m there” I said. My dad pulled me into a hug.

“If she would go their, would that break the treaty?” asked Rosalie.

“She’s human it shouldn’t” said Carlisle “But she is a Cullen Human or not.”

“That’s not” said Rosalie.

“The treaty was made at least sixty or so years ago” said Esme “And they haven’t forgotten it.”

“Of course not” said Alice “But they should not be able to touch Rin either way.”

“IS this what is wrong with her?” asked Rosalie Leaning closer to me to see if I was sleeping.

“I don’t know” said Carlisle “Possibly. We’ll have to wait for Edward to come back.”

I went back to sleep.

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