1D and the day Harry got a slave from a school

The perfect fanfic for all 1D fans! It has slaves from schools, Harry stalking people, Niall playing guitar, a shy girl and her confident friend falling for the same 1D member and of course that trip to London when some girls meet 1D and don't know it's them that every girl goes on!
(This is a joke, 1D fans don't take this seriously, I don't even really mind them anyway :) )


1. The London 1D extravaganza

Gemma, Katy and Rachel were 18 and they decided to go on a trip to London.

"I can't wait to explore the city!" Said Gemma.

Gemma was a hot, stylish girl who was always going out to parties unlike Katy who was a shy bookworm and Rachel who was a sensible and clever girl.

The girls arrived and found an apartment to rent for the two months that they were staying in London. 

"Lets go to a nightclub!" Exclaimed Gemma.

"I wonder if anyone famous might be there!" Grinned Katy.

"Well if there was anyone really famous we would never recognise them." Replied Rachel.

Just then the doorbell rang and and a hot blond guy was waiting at the door.

"He's really cute!" Giggle Gemma.

"Hello Girls!" He grinned, he spoke with a soft irish lilt.

"Well he's May not be famous but I would still date him!" Said Gemma.

"My name is Niall Horan and I'm a singer from one direction."

"He seems quite familiar." Said Katy.

" I also play guitar." 

"He reminds me of someone," Said Rachel. "But I just can't but my finger on who it is."

"Niall from 1D?" Suggested Gemma.

"Nope, someone else." Said Rachel.

A single tear trickled down Niall's cheek, it had the 657484748594645263745483th girl that week who hadn't recognised him when he wasn't playing at a gig.

While the girls kept guessing, the other members of one direction arrived at the door.

"More boys!" Exclaimed Gemma.

"You know what," Said Rachel. "When you boys stand together you kinda look like one direction."

"Are you kidding me, Rachel?" Exclaimed Gemma. "They look nothing like them!"

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