1D and the day Harry got a slave from a school

The perfect fanfic for all 1D fans! It has slaves from schools, Harry stalking people, Niall playing guitar, a shy girl and her confident friend falling for the same 1D member and of course that trip to London when some girls meet 1D and don't know it's them that every girl goes on!
(This is a joke, 1D fans don't take this seriously, I don't even really mind them anyway :) )


2. Harry stalks a girl

Harry's pov

I ran through the streets of London desperately trying to find the girl I saw at a school slave auction (these happen a lot). I had been stalking her but I got distracted by a phone call from Niall about guitars and now I lost her.

AmericaLondonNewyorkCreeleyMalteaser's Pov

I'm being stalked by a vampire, I don't know whether to be happy or scared! I turn round to see his distinct curls peeping out from a dustbin.

"I know what you are!" I say.

"Say it."

"A vampire."

"Wait, what?!" Exclaimed Harry.


"I think you're in the wrong fanfiction." 

"What fanfiction is this then?"

"It's called: My stalker, Harry Styles." He replies.

"Oh, I thought I was in: Moonlight Moments: A Twilight Fanfic." I reply.

"Oh sorry for the confusion then." He grins.

"Oh no, my fault, really!" I say. "Perhaps a kiss will make up for it?"


"Sorry, still in Twilight mode there!" 


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