Frozen: Thawed

We all love Frozen, Disney, Amazing, But have you ever wondered what it would be like if it was actually realistic.
(Sorry but let's be honest.)
(It's unrealistic.)
This heart-Freezing story is narrated by the Socially deprived Elsa and her Hyper-maniac sister Anna.
In this adventure we will Burst into Song!
Date random Guys!
Catch multiple illnesses from being in the snow!
So join us as we relive the adventure..


1. I'm So Special - Elsa

Omg, Like I was sitting in my bed one like and my stupid sister came up to my bed and she was all like "YO ELSA LETS PLAY FAM"

And I was like "NO! Anna it's too early you poohead!" And I shoved her off the bed like really hard.

I'm like 8 or something so I'm really strong. She started crying so I yelled at her to shut up.

She is so annoying, like all the time she's crazy and then suddenly cries!

Like she wanted to play with me cause I have these sick powers. I can make ice and stuff come out my hands! You're jealous right? Yeah.

She wanted to build a snowman. It was really early so mummy or daddy couldn't hear us! We was rebels! I thought.

"ok" I said to her. We ran really fast down the stairs cause we were rebels and that was breaking the rules.

We were playing multiple games like:

Try not to get pneumonia

FREEZE Tag. (ba dum tss)

Ice bucket challenge.

It was really fun. Then Anna comes up with a really stupid game where I had to make ice under her to stop her from falling. Well I missed one time and accidentally hit her head.

"LOL" I yelled. She was crying. I realised she was actually hurt. I heard my parents come up the stairs and I was like, "Anna wake up! I'll get into trouble and won't be allowed dessert!" 

I slapped her like really hard. She still didn't answer.

My parents probably heard us and I heard them running up the stairs.

I screamed and threw Anna across the room. I hid behind one of the pillars. There was ice everywhere and it was real cold. I was like shivering.

It wasn't my fault, She got in the way..

My daddy came in and yelled really rude words. I was totes scared.

My mummy found me.

"no dessert for you Elsa."

I threw a tantrum.

"I WANT PUDDING YOU BUTT!" I yelled but they didn't listen.

They were too busy with Anna, She's such an attention seeker.

Then  my daddy took us on a horse.

I was like "Mummy I hate horses!" She shushed me. It was really bumpy and messed up my princess hair which made me really angry.

"Let me off or I will rage!" I yelled. My rage mode is really bad.

So we rode on a stupid horse. For AGES.

"Are we there yet?" I asked. "I'm too clever to tell the time so tell me." 

my parents were totes rude like they ignored me so I tried to get their attention.



It didn't work..

So I stayed on the horse..

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