If Only...

Megan Williams is a normal 16 yr old school girl. But when she finds out her parents were in a plane accident, she then moves in with a family friend, Luke Hemmings(pretend he's not popular) What happens? I cant tell you, read more too find out!


2. The Attractive Kiddo (Chapter 2)


*5 days later...*

its been five days since my parents died, my mom's sister came over to take care of me in the meantime. I have been thinking of what will happen after i move like will there be rumors going around? Or like will someone hate me even more, but who knows? I just have to wait and see.

It was a sunday when Liz, Luke's mom came to pick me up. I was already in the car so no need to talk about that. Their house was an hour away from mine and was near my school which was good. Since i was having my period, i had to drop by the drugstore to get well you know...(PADS) i stepped out the car door and walked into the store. "Hey" i saw a tall looking figure with the most prettiest eyes and bad-ass quiff, it was Luke. I had to admit that the last time i saw which was two years ago he wasn't that hot. But now, dayum he's too attractive.

"Um hi, what are you doing here?" i said as looked into his ocean blue eyes. "My mom asked me to check on you incase you needed money or something." He said with a stiff voice. " um no im good but thanks tho." I smiled at him


"um no im good but thanks tho." She smiled at me with the most beautiful smile i have ever seen, her burgundy hair was tied up and she was wearing her glasses which looked cute on her. I saw her walking towards to gum section.

"I like mint the best, you?" she asked me with her hair flying above her neck."i like mint too, but sometimes i go for strawberry." i shrugged my shoulders.

After we were done paying we got back into the car and drove home.

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