If Only...

Megan Williams is a normal 16 yr old school girl. But when she finds out her parents were in a plane accident, she then moves in with a family friend, Luke Hemmings(pretend he's not popular) What happens? I cant tell you, read more too find out!


3. "Nice House" (Chapter 3)

Megan's POV

When we reached the household, i stepped in carrying my shoulder bag and pulling in my luggage. "Your room is upstairs, i'll bring you up there." Liz said as she brought me up to the spare room in their house. She brought me up as i walked in, i thanked her and started unpacking my things until i received a message with Luke saying i could re-paint the walls.i quickly changed into a muscle tank with a batman logo and black skinny jeans, i walked down bringing my sling bag and slipping into my favorite pair of black combat boots.

I saw Luke outside waiting for me. "You look beautiful."he complimented me. My cheeks were flushing with pink."thanks,you dont look so bad yourself." "Thanks."

We walked to a paint shop, i chose a baby blue type of color. I walked around the store trying to find some room decals. Finally,i chose some decals with band names like greenday,blink 182 and others. I also got a few bird ones. I like birds, and boys and bands and beef.Oh and not to mention we also got some brushes.

I walked up my room with Luke helping me to carry two paint jars."Lets just hope that this will be enough paint." We both laughed. We then started painting the walls together.

Luke's POV

I helped her paint her room, she looked so happy painting her room.i stared at her until she finally noticed me.

"Luke you okay bro?"

"Huh? Um yea im fine."

"Are you staring at me?" She giggled.

"Maybe..." I blushed.

When she couldn't reach the taller parts of her room, i helped her paint the parts she couldn't reach. At one part she almost fell into the tray of paint.

"And... Done."she said with a tired sigh.

We cleaned up and we stayed in her room watching Netflix while eating ice-cream.

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