If Only...

Megan Williams is a normal 16 yr old school girl. But when she finds out her parents were in a plane accident, she then moves in with a family friend, Luke Hemmings(pretend he's not popular) What happens? I cant tell you, read more too find out!


6. Hearts' Broken (Chapter 6)

Megan's POV

"Forget about it Luke,forget about it..."

I ran upstairs and into my room, i slammed the door behind me and sat down on the floor.i cried non-stop with my face buried in my hands. I can't believe Luke likes someone else, I'll never get a chance with him. Was the girl he was stalking last week the one who's going out with him tonight? Was I not good enough for him?

"Hey um you okay? I have to go now um sorry, see you tomorrow? Bye."

He's just gonna ditch me like that? What kind of person is he, an ignorer? I feel ignored and not being cared about, I went to my bed and lied on my bed looking up at the celing, it was really plain. I decided that after school tomorrow I will buy some star glow in the dark stickers for my celing, finally a positive thought. I tucked myself into bed and called it a night.

Luke's POV

I feel really bad now for forgetting Megan's birthday, she didn't even have anyone to celebrate with than me. I kinda regretted it, just then my phone started ringing, it was Kayla.

"Hey Luke? Can you pick me up? Thanks."

"No problem, see you."

I picked her up and saw her in a dress. To be honest, she wasn't that bad at all.

"Hey Luke!"she said.


For the rest of the journey,it was complete silence. We reached our destination,it was a place known for its squid ink pasta.

I opened the door for Kayla and followed her in.

I liked her.


Megan's POV

It's been 5 days since I've talked to Luke, I was still pretty upset with him about that night.

I checked Instagram and saw Luke posted a picture with him and some girl.

"Got a bae? My bae's right here:)"

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