If Only...

Megan Williams is a normal 16 yr old school girl. But when she finds out her parents were in a plane accident, she then moves in with a family friend, Luke Hemmings(pretend he's not popular) What happens? I cant tell you, read more too find out!


4. Getting Closer? (Chapter 4)

Megan's POV

I was walking down the hall as school started, i walked to my locker opening it. While i was grabbing my stuff, obviously Amber, the head cheerleader and the really cocky queen of sass.

Like seriously, every time there's a new student she always gets them to join her little "group of pretty girls" (or more like little stupid dickheads) and then drop them out and make fun or bully the person.


i waited at the bus stop for Luke. By the time i pulled out my phone Luke arrived.

"So how was your day?" Luke asked me in a bubbly voice

"It was normal, and why are you so energetic today?"

"Well.... This weekend we're going to The Fault In Our Stars!" He said as he pulled out two movie tickets.

"That's the best you could do?"i laughed

"Well... After the movie we can go to the arcade if you want and grab some pizza?"

"Sure thing."

Speaking of pizza, we were hungry so we got some pizza to share. Being the lazy one i bugged Luke to eat at home with me.

We finally got home, and we were lucky enough that no one was home so we got the whole house to ourselves.i changed into some sweats and a plain black shirt. We ate pizza,played FIFA and COD, had a movie marathon and well um fell asleep a few times?

When i woke up, it was already 5. Luke was still awake checking his Twitter. Apparently, i fell asleep cause Luke was watching Mean Girls and i was kinda tired of it. I saw hime stalking a girl's Instagram.

"ooooo, stalker much."i said smirking

"More like a weirdo creeping up on me."

" im going to my room to study now... Wanna come?" I asked

"Sure, lemme just clean this up first"

"See ya" i shouted as i walked upstairs.

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