If Only...

Megan Williams is a normal 16 yr old school girl. But when she finds out her parents were in a plane accident, she then moves in with a family friend, Luke Hemmings(pretend he's not popular) What happens? I cant tell you, read more too find out!


1. What?(Chapter 1)

"Megan, i need to see you please," my teacher, Mrs Tasha said as i was doing my project with a few other friends.

"I'm sorry to say, but your parents were in a plane crash and well, they didn't make it." Mrs Tasha said. I stood there in silence, i bursted out the door crying. I ran to the girls bathroom and locked myself in a stall.

"You okay?" A familiar voice said. It was one of my friends, Amanda standing outside the toilet stall door. "Yeah, completely fine." I lied. I came out with my eyes all puffy and red, i washed my face while Amanda consoled me."Why did it have to happen to me? Why did it have to do with my parents?" I asked myself repeatedly.

I walked back into the classroom with everyone staring at me. I sat down at my table and soon, class ended already. The bell rung as i walked out of the classroom, i unlocked my locker door and put my books inside i slammed the door and went to look for my older brother.


hey! Its my first story so um i hope you guys enjoyed it! I'll be posting the second chapter a few days later. BYE!!

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