The Other Side of the Fence : A Poetry Collection

This is a collection of poems written by myself with ranging themes, but mostly fantasy.


6. The Wolf of Tirid Vie

And here I stand inside these walls

Of crumbled stone and burned out husks

But the sounds of rebuilding have begun

And a new banner flies in the south

And on into the night.

Yet still they see the light hiding there

Held behind blue and red eyes.

To see a sin with one

An innocent with the other

Long hair then short

Two legs then four

Howl in salute to the moon

To the moon I, we are drawn

All together in a tune, while we laugh

Sing and play with our stars

Yet this can never be

For I have yet to see

A queen dance with the wolves

And sing that playful tune,

So I shall dance alone

Inside upon this throne

And never know again of running

With the pack.

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