The Other Side of the Fence : A Poetry Collection

This is a collection of poems written by myself with ranging themes, but mostly fantasy.


9. Part II: Aabrial

Feathers falling, falling, falling 
All around no end 
Raindrops drop dropping 
Mixing with your tears and blood 
You laughed when I pulled the trigger 
And walked away not looking back 
Blinded by the coincidences 
Of the lies all around us 
Now it's my feathers falling all around me 
Falling, falling, falling. The raindrops 
Drop, drop, dropping 
Mixing with my own blood and tears 
My anguish over the years 
These wounds won't seem to heal 
I guess there are some things 
That time cannot erase 
You drove me crazy through all of these years 
Now I try to end the pain inside my head 
Tearing out my wings that have been 
My sign of infection the source of my pain.

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