The Other Side of the Fence : A Poetry Collection

This is a collection of poems written by myself with ranging themes, but mostly fantasy.


8. Part I: Fallen

Feathers falling all around me 
The chains bite bite into me 
Blood spatters all around 
Mixed with tears of anguish 
You laughed as I pulled the trigger 
And nothing happened. 
You're the reason I am this way 
My reason of exile lies within you 
My wings are black my eyes are red 
And all I see is tainted 
Nothing pure nothing innocent 
Not anymore since you came 
I've fallen now for the very last time 
Can't get up to go back I can only stay 
Lying broken on the rocks as the 
Rain drops on my face. 
The first of my race sent into the exile. 
I am the first 
Fallen Angel

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