The Other Side of the Fence : A Poetry Collection

This is a collection of poems written by myself with ranging themes, but mostly fantasy.


7. Memory Chest

There is a room with a door

Just down those stairs

And at the end of the hall.

It is seldom used

With dust and cobwebs up in the boughs.

Inside this room a chest sits

Tucked away in the back

The sides are rough and unsanded

With designs deeply engraved on the top

And smells of baby oil

(For I spilled some on it ages ago)

Inside are some things that I cherished

When my hair was not so gray.

An angelic ornament that is

Small and heavy, I believe it's made

Of iron with writing and a delicate

Feather detailing upon it.

A piece of marble grandpa

Used as a paperweight

Promising to carve a tiny sculpture

From it, but he died before he got the chance...

Oh! And a piece of sea glass we found

On our honeymoon! The waves had rounded

Out the jagged edges of the bottle top.

And a small dull shell we found on 

Our last trip to the beach.

Do be careful when you fetch them dear

They are not just objects

But my memories

(And they are so hard to come by these days!"

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