The Other Side of the Fence : A Poetry Collection

This is a collection of poems written by myself with ranging themes, but mostly fantasy.


5. Everafter

Your unique little girl

Scary little devil girl

Magic is full of distractions and sparkles

Stars shining when everything goes blue

Ocean coral pinks

To salmon in alaskan rivers

What a big fish

Tell me a story momma

With little goldilocks and the big bad wolf

Who'll huff and puff to blow you down

The ladder hanging paint to

The canvas of life with reds

For love and hate smile big for us

And add another layer to the mask

Like ghosts throwing furniture

Hiding under the bed covers

Trying not to think about the spooks

Just makes them appear more

White girl in a pretty red dress

Gapping eyes, dark hair

FEAR super soldier

Dolls controlled by

A marionette puppet master.

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