My Grampa, Michael MacDermott MaClean

"My Grampa, Michael McDermott MaClean,
Lived by the ocean
And walked with a lean."

This poem/children story is in honor of my Stepfather and my love of Dr. Suess as a child. I hope to be able to illustrate this story someday and bring it to life for the love of children everywhere.


1. My Grampa

My Grampa, Michael McDermott MaClean,

Lived by the ocean

And walked with a lean.


He had a funny glass eye

And he always would say,

“I’ve seen it all, Laddy!

Back in MY day…”


“Why have I ever told you

About how I became captain?”


“And not on just any old ship,

But a pirate who sailed to attain

Great riches and gold,

All in my name!”


I and my crew

Were a right fearful sort

And even the lawmen would hide

When we came in to port.


They would all whisper, you see

About the great captain,

Michael MacDermott MaClean,

And how they had heard of

My  adventures by sea.


“He took on a great monster,

That rose from the deep.

With a huge lantern,

At the end of its beak.


Some say the fight went on for a month,

But I bet

It was only a week

For that bunch!”


My Grampa told me,

“We chased it and tracked it,

Deep down to its lair.

Tricked it and trapped it,

Does that seem unfair?”


“We made off with his hoard

But I was a greedy man

And wanted one thing more!”


It gnashed its huge jaws,

As I came near with my blade.

It feared to be caught,

“Hold still!” I bade.


I swam down below

Where my prize had been dropped

Scooped it up for show

And returned with a POP!


The poor beast’s relief

Was plain to see,

And we cut it loose quick

To return to the sea.


I held up my prize

My crew was amazed!

A long sharp tooth I held

With awe they did gaze.


My Grampa did smile

As he told his strange tale

And I listened intently

Never minding the gale.


“Yes,” with satisfaction he said

“I’ve seen it all, Laddy,

Back in MY day…”

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