The Puppet Master

Remmi is a Hate Master she controls peoples hate but one day she’s assigned to a young girl that gone to hell and back, Remmi feels this young girls hatred for the people around her and wants to help but with her own emotions on a tight wire. She needs to choose between her job and life or the one she loves


1. the Masters

Hate. Hate is what I represent. I control peoples hate there distaste for things and other people. My job is to remind people of what they don’t like, what they loath. Its not just me, there are lots of use.

 The Amor controls people’s feelings of love that means they love every one. Ira reminds people of their anger. Spero keeps people hopeful and Cupido keeps people lusting for things. I like the Cupidos there a laugh. Avaritia manipulates people in to greed, Animosus keeps bravery in people’s heart and Timidus leaches it out with cowardice. Invidia hides in the darkes parts of the human in the form of jealousy and is over takes by pride. There are a lot of use to many don’t blame use though it’s not our fault the human mind is so complex.

We are all ruled over by Aetas, he controls time there for controls everything. He makes sure we do our job. Our job consists of controlling peoples feeling and to make sure they are feeling the right thing at the right time. You can’t see use though but we can see you, we have a whole society on earth but you don’t know about it, our society is split in two, positive and negative when we come of age we are put in to either the positive or negative group and then we are put in to what feelings we control like Abominor, cupido, Amor, and so on then we are trained to our specific feeling and when we have proved ourselves to the Aetas we go out in the world and make people feel.

As and Abominor I make people hate, it wasn’t my choice just what I what chosen for apparently I have a kind of fire in my heart, well that’s what one of the Aetas lords told me. We all live in Affectus houses, one for each emotion. Form the outside they look like old cottages that time foot about but inside it’s maze of corridors and dorms and meeting rooms, it has to house millions of us, each emotion has about a hundred million members and as the population of humans go up so do we. We have to make sure everyone has emotions and it not a one man job there is one of use for every human, it all works and the humans have no Idea that we are the masters. We are in control.

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