The Puppet Master

Remmi is a Hate Master she controls peoples hate but one day she’s assigned to a young girl that gone to hell and back, Remmi feels this young girls hatred for the people around her and wants to help but with her own emotions on a tight wire. She needs to choose between her job and life or the one she loves


2. Assignment

“Hey Remmi can I test something out on you” says Anerta the male lust master that has the bunk above me. His hair dangles as he leans his top half over to look at me, I look up at him from where I lay on my bunk and nod. He smiles for a second then jumps down from his bunk. I know what he’s going to do, he’s going to test his powers on me, see if he can make me lust for him. It’s never worked but I still let him try whenever he wants. “Resist this” he mumbles as he fixes his shocking blue eyes to mine. They start to glow and I get a warm feeling in my chest my heart rate quickens and I start breaths get shorter. He smiles and I have an over whelming need to touch him but I don’t. I smile back and push the feeling deep down. My heart beats slow and I fight the waves of his power off. His face is now contorted with effort and I start to laugh

“Nice try Anerta but it won’t work but I have to say you’re getting better”

“Really” he says I little to brightly

“Yeah sure you almost had me there”

“Get a room you guys” comes a voice form the bunk along.

“Shut up Shroo just because the cowardice Master can’t get any” says Anerta making me laughing

“At least Shroo doesn’t need to manipulate people to get action” comes Agath’s voice

“Don’t start on me Agath” says Anerta “just coz you’re anger Master doesn’t mean you can go off on one whenever you want”

“Remind me Anerta” I but in “how many poor Amor girls have you lured to your bed this week” he smiles proudly

“eleven those Amors are suckers for me”

Just then Joono walks in he’s an Amore and just like use a Master. All master sleep together in the same dorms he gives me a similar feeling to the one Anerta was giving me only Joono doesn’t try. That worries me. It makes me think what he could do if he did try. I catch his warm burgundy eyes for a second but he looks away. I wonder what he sees when he looks at my eyes, there not much to see. Just two empty black pits. That’s the problem with being a hate master your eyes and hair turn black, your hair also loses all volume and go dead strait, I remember having beautiful bouncy brown hair and light green eyes, now I have nothing and I’m supposed to like it this way. Every other hate master that came before me did but I just feel empty all the time.

I look down at my hands and try to push the warm feeling down. Deep down and hope I don’t feel it again

“Remmi” I look up and Joono is looking at me, “Aetas wants you” I nod quietly and get up off my bed.

Aetas office look totally normal outside and in but I’m clever enough to know there is strong power held in these walls. The walls are a worm burgundy read and floors are a dark wood, in the middle of the room there is a large mahogany desk with computer that’s stands proud on the polished surface. Aetas looks at me from behind his desk and smiles. He has a kind face and to be honest I have felt threatened by him.

“You called for me” I say quietly.

“Yes” he says slowly and then opens a draw form his desk a pulls out I file then extends his arm to give it to me. I take a  step forward and grasp the file in my dry hand. The file if for a young girl she couldn’t be any older than 16. Her face is sunken in a tinged yellow, her eyes have no light to them and she’s so skinny her ribs stick out from the tight shirt. “I need you to watch over this child” that’s not what I was expecting. If we are assigned to a human we usually tamper with their emotions to get them back on track not watch over them. “I don’t want you to do anything with her I just want you to watch her. Observe her if you like I think it will teach you a lot”. I nod slowly

“Okay id there anything else you want me to do” I ask still looking at the girl on the file

“Yes there is”. He says looking straight at me I want you to train Joono with your next group of training Abominors” I weren’t expecting that either “Joono knows about this, I told him before he came to get you”.

If there is one thing you never do is question Aetas. Everything he does is for a purpose and he knows what he’s doing, even though I know all this my entire being is itching for my question to be answered, pushing my questions down I nod curtly and walk out of the room and back to my dorms 



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