Et samling af nogle af mine digte. Det hele er på engelsk, da jeg bedre kan udtrykke mig på engelsk. Alt er lavet/skrevet af mig. Ingen kopiering tilladt.


3. What every girl should know

It always hurts when you're told the truth that you didn't wanted to hear.

When your sight is blurred by tears and the only thing that feels clear is the overwhelming disgust of him, of the word, but mostly of yourself.


It always will. It's Painful to realise, that someone you love, never cared for you.

And even worse, Lied to you. It fills you up with nothing but a bitter sweet sadness.


Lies are painful. They fill you up with hope and happiness, until it crack.

At a point, the pretty facade cracks and The Truth will roar out, knock you on litter as an agitated sea.


You must learn how to swim and

Keep your head over the surface

You can never control the waves, but you can learn to raise when life drags you down.


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