5 Seconds Of Summer : Tumblr Prefrences


1. What He Loves About You

Created by @mmxxii

What He Loves About You

Calum: Your smile. He always does everything he can to make you happy, just so that he can see your beautiful smile..

Michael: Your sense of humor. You were exactly like him in that way. You two love to go out, sit down, and make sarcastic remarks about anything and everything around you.

Luke: Your taste in music. You and Luke could talk for hours about different bands and music styles. He loves that you know just as much, if not more, about music than he does.

Ashton: Your laugh. You've always hated your laugh, but he absolutely adores it. He tells you cheesy jokes all day long so that he can hear you laugh loudly at how funny (or un-funny) he is.

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