Demon Love (A Sesshomaru Story)

Sesshomaru loved once, it seems hard to believe but he did. But is he capable of doing it again with someone else?


3. Traveling With Sesshomaru

*I wake up and see everyone else awake*


Rin:Huh,yay Arimage is awake.

Arimage:Agh,Rin my arm its still swore so it hurts.


Arimage:Its alright.

Jaken:So how are you feeling Arimage?

Arimage:Okay but a little teary.

Sesshomaru:We must get going.

Jaken:Yes m'lord.

Rin:Um..Arimage are you going to be okay?

Arimage:Yes as long as I don't move my left arm.


*I walk up to Sesshomaru*


Arimage:Thank you.

Sesshomaru:For what?

Arimage:For comfort and I already thanked Rin also.

Sesshomaru:Then I guess your welcome.

Arimage:Hey Rin you want a piggy-back ride?

Rin:But what about your arm?

Arimage:It'll be fine and besides I full cheerful today.


Arimage:Alright now get on my back.

Rin:I'm scared.

Arimage:I promise I won't let you fall.


*Rin gets on my back and I begin to walk again*

Rin:Wow this is fun.

Arimage:See and your not gonna fall.

Rin:Arimage your strong.



Arimage:Yeah Rin?

Rin:Your like a big sister to me.

Arimage:And your like a little sister to me.

Rin:Can we be sisters?

Arimage:Sure,I never had a sister before.

Rin:Yay me and Arimage are sisters.

Arimage:I never felt happy.



Rin:Why weren't you happy?

Jaken:Rin thats rude?

Arimage:No Jaken its fine,Rin the reason I never been happy in my life is because my parents died of a high fever.

Rin:Thats sad.

Arimage:Yeah and will I survived by myself.

Rin:Wow I bet it was hard living by yourself.

Arimage:It was.

Rin:I feel sorry for you.

Arimage:Don't everyone else pity me.

Rin:I didn't mean it by that.

Arimage:Yeah but in life its just pity Rin.


Jaken:So Arimage how was you life with out your parents?


Rin:Well don't worry,cause if you like you can stay here with us.

Arimage:I guess but my friends.

Rin:Well they can visit you.

Arimage:But I have to go back to my world.


Arimage:Yeah Rin.

Rin:I'm tied.

Arimage:Go to sleep and I'll still be carrying you so don't worry.



Jaken:She fell asleep.

Arimage:Shes like a sister to me and she looks cute when shes sleeping.

Jaken:Well it is getting dark.

Arimage:I'm tired myself and I'm about to fall.

Jaken:Lord Sesshomaru?

Sesshomaru:We'll camp here.

Jaken:Yes m'lord.

Arimage:She is so peaceful.

Jaken:You should get some sleep also.

Arimage:Look who's talking toady.

Jaken mumbling:I don't know what lord Sesshomaru sees in her.

*Then a few hours later Jaken went to sleep next to Rin and I was still asleep while me and Sesshomaru stayed awake but different trees*

Arimage:Its so dark I can't even see and I wanna give Kagome a piece of my mind when I find her.

*Then out of nowhere Sesshomaru is right in front of me*


*But then Sesshomaru put his hand over my mouth and I'm trying to take his hand off*

Sesshoumaru:You look so beautiful I just can't stop loving you when I first saw and met you Arimage.

*I stopped struggling and looked at him and he took his hand off my mouth*

Arimage:I-I-don't know if I'm happy or confused if you just said that.

Sesshomaru:I think this will answer your confusion.

*Sesshomaru kisses me on my lips making long and sweet and then he pulls away*

Arimage:I love you.

*Then I covered my mouth when I said that*

Sesshomaru:I love you too and please don't do that.

*He moved my hand away from my mouth and saw me smiling*

Arimage:I should get some sleep.

Sesshomaru:Yes you should.



*I fell asleep*



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