Demon Love (A Sesshomaru Story)

Sesshomaru loved once, it seems hard to believe but he did. But is he capable of doing it again with someone else?


2. Sesshomaru, Rin and Jaken

~The next day~
*Something starts poking me*


Kagome:Wake up.


*I get up*

Kagome:Come on we have to start our journey.

Arimage:What journey?

Kagome:To destroy a demon called Naraku.

Arimage:Who's that?

Inuyasha:A demon who is most evil and a killer and will do anything to get what he wants.

Arimage:Alright then lets go.

Sango:Are we ready?Kagome:Yup.

Inuyasha:Then lets get going.

*Were now in a deep part of a forest*


Kagome:Something is coming in fast,really fast.


*Then a wolf-like demon comes in*

Arimage:Whoa that was fast.

????:Hey there Kagome.

Kagome:Hey Koga.

Koga:And who's that?

Kagome:Koga this is Arimage,Arimage this is Koga.


Arimage:Whats so funny?

Koga:Your sounds like a boys name!

Sango:That isn’t funny. Miroku:Um....Arimage are you alright?

Arimage:No,and if you freakin need me I'll be deeper in the forest.

*I run with out looking and get to a water fall and very far from the group*

Arimage:Always me.

*To the group*

Shippo:I think she was crying.

Inuyasha:She was crying.

Sango:Poor girl.

Kagome:You don't even know most of it.

Inuyasha:Koga you are so mean to her and you already laughed at her name.

Kagome:Yeah it isn’t nice.

Miroku:And we should look for her.


hippo:Its getting late.

Koga:And I'm going home.

*He leaves*

Shippo:What a jerk.


Miroku:We should look for her tomorrow.

Kagome:Alright and I hope shes safe.

Inuyasha:Lets just hope she is lets just hope.

They camp there for the night in the forest and know to me*

Arimage:Aaaaaaaaaggghhhh I hate people who make fun of my name,I just feel like murdering them.

????:Oh a human.

*I turn around*


Demon:Heheheheh no where to run now.

Arimage:Get away from me.

Demon:Heheheheh tasty looking human.

Arimage:Someone help me!!!

Demon:No one can help you now.

*The demon gets closer and I pick up my staff and aim at the demon but the demon smacked it away from my hand*

Arimage:My staff!

Demon:No use girl.

Arimage whispering:I don't wanna die.

*Then out of no where something killed the demon*

Arimage:What was that?

Girl:Lord Sesshomaru!

Toad:Wait up Lord Sesshomaru!



*The girl looks at me and then run towards me*

Girl:Were you saved by Lord Sesshomaru?

*I nod my head*

Toad:Rin come on we have to get going!

Girl:Jaken can she come with us?

Toad:Ask Lord Sesshomaru.

Girl:Lord Sesshomaru can she travel with us?!

Dog-demon:Do what you wish Rin.

Girl:Will you travel with us?

Arimage:Sorry but I have to find my friends.

Girl:Well can you travel with us until you find your friends?Arimage:Alright.


Arimage:Um....whats your name?

Girl:My name is Rin whats yours?

Arimage:My name is Arimage.

Rin:That's a pretty name.

Arimage:I like your name to.

Dog-demon:Rin we have to go.

Rin:Alright come on Arimage.

Toad:Is she coming with us Lord Sesshomaru?

Dog-Demon:I guess.


Rin:Arimage this is Jaken and this is Sesshomaru.

Jaken:Very nice to meet you Arimage.


Sesshomaru thinking:Why am I haveing this feeling and I already met her.

Arimage:Um.....Sesshomaru sir thank you for saving me earlyer.


Rin:You can travel with us until you find your friends.


Sesshomaru:Rin,and Arimage don't move.

Rin:Wonder what is it?

Arimage:Someone is behind us.

*Then a girl comes out of nowhere*

Girl:Hehehe I finally found her.

Sesshomaru:What do you want wind-witch?

Wind-witch:I came for her.

*Points at me and I turn around to face her*

Arimage:And what do you want with me and who are you?

Wind-witch:My name is Kagura and I came for you and take to a demon.

Sesshomaru:Arimage,Rin leave,Jaken go with them.

Jaken:Alright my Lord.

*We leave but not far enough*

Kagura:Oh no you don't.*

Kagura creates a whirlwind and captures me*

Arimage:Let me out!

Kagura:Not a chance girl.


Arimage:Rin don't get caught up in this!


Jaken:Lord Sesshomaru shouldn't you save her.

Sesshomaru:I guess.

*Sesshomaru runs rapidly where I am and just grabs me out of the whirlwind and puts me down where Rin is*

Sesshomaru:You two stay here.

Arimage:Don't worry shes after me not Rin and I'll protect Rin with my life is that wind-witch even touches her.


*He turns back to Kagura*

Sesshomaru:Leave now or be killed.

Kagura:Heh,not a chance,Kanna now!Kanna:Alright.



Arimage:We gotta get outta of here Rin.




Arimage:I'm taking Rin somewhere safe.

Jaken:But what if lord Sesshomaru cant find you two?

Arimage:Here this has my sent.

*I gave Jaken my necklace I was wearing*

Jaken:Alright,now go before the wind-witch gets you.

Arimage:Rin come on I'm taking you somewhere safe.


*Me and Rin get away and were out of sight*

Sesshomaru:Where did Arimage take Rin?

Jaken:Somewhere safe and she told me to give you this to find her and Rin.


Kanna:Kagura I've lost her.

Kagura:Fine,were retreating and probably find her later.


*They leave*

Sesshomaru:Now we need to find Rin and Arimage.

Jaken:Yes m'lord.

Arimage:I think we can stop now.


Arimage:At least were near a river.



*Rin pionts to the bushes*

Rin:Something is behind that bush.

Arimage:Stand behind me Rin.


*Then a demon comes out of the bush*

Demon:hehehehehe,I knew I smelled humans here.

Arimage:Get away!

Demon:Not unless you give me that tasty little girl.

Arimage:Never in your dreams demon!

Demon:Than I'll Take her by force.

Arimage:No you will not!

*The demon comes at Rin*

Arimage:Rin stay behide me.



Arimage:Never,WATER BLAST!

*Then a blast of water came from my staff*

Demon:That isn’t going to work on me,NOW!

*The demon scratched my arm making me bleed and then i pushed it away*

Rin:Its coming again!

Arimage:Ah,Scared light!!!


*Then the demon disappeared*

Rin:The demon is gone.


Rin:Whats wrong Arimage?

Arimage:I used a lot of energy and I'm about to faint.

*I then fell to the ground*


Then Rin noticed a scratch on my arm*

Rin:Oh no shes bleeding,oh wheres lord Sesshomaru and Jaken.

*Then something is in the bushes moving and Rin picks up my staff

*Rin:W-w-whos there?

????:Rin well you relax and put that weapon down.

*Then Sesshomaru and Jaken comes out*

Rin:Oh Jaken and Lord Sesshomaru.

*Rin starts to cry*

Sesshomaru:Rin whats wrong?


Jaken:What about her?

Rin:Her arm is bleeding.

*I wake up*

Arimage:Ow,my arm,I'm bleeding.

Jaken:Its a gash.

Rin:A lot of blood.

Sesshomaru:It heal.

Arimage:Yeah if I were a demon it'll heal faster.

Rin:You want me to help clean your wound?

Arimage:No Rin I got it,ow.

Rin:Alright just tell me if you need anything

Arimage:Ah!Rin:Are you sure you don't need help?

Arimage:Yeah I'm sure.

Jaken:Its getting late.

Sesshomaru:Well camp out here for the night.

Jaken:Yes m'lord.


Arimage:In my bag there is a medication.

Rin:Is this it?

Arimage:Yeah it is.

*Rin gives me the medication and i pour the right amount on the wound*

Arimage:Ow that hurts like crazy.


Arimage:Yes Rin?

Rin:How did you do those powers?

Arimage:I don't know but I think its magic.


*Then my arm healed as soon as i put the medication on*

Arimage:This is getting weird and I wanna go home.

Rin:Its okay its okay.

*I started to cry*

Arimage:I wanna go home.

Rin:Lord Sesshomaru what are we going to do?

Sesshomaru:Let me calm her down while you two set up the camp.


*Sesshomaru walks over to me and kneels down next to me*

Arimage:I wanna go home I don't wanna be here.

Sesshomaru:Its alright,everything is going to be okay.

Arimage:I wanna go.....home.

Sesshomaru:Its alright and calm down and don't cry.


*I fell asleep*

Sesshomaru:Shes asleep and you two have to get your rest to so sleep.

Rin and Jaken:Yes sir.

*So Rin and Jaken fell asleep and Sesshomaru put me with them and looked after us*



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