Demon Love (A Sesshomaru Story)

Sesshomaru loved once, it seems hard to believe but he did. But is he capable of doing it again with someone else?


1. Info and Chapter 1

Hey I know you hate the info and I understand but hey ain't my fault.
Name: Arimage
Age: Same as Kagome
Friends: No ones until later on
You are a Human girl. You’re from the present and you’re new at school where Kagome goes.
You’re a little shy from meeting new people but you'll get over it. Your cheerful and can get into a lot of trouble when Kagome brings you to
the feudal era. And soon you go with Kagome to the feudal era.


Chapter one


Arimage: Well this is it.

*I open the door quietly and on one notices*

Arimage: Um......E-e-excuse me.

Teacher: Hm....Are you the new student?


Teacher:Come on in,don't be shy.

*I step in the class*

Teacher:You are Arimage,I'm I correct?



Arimage:Aaaarrrrggggg,COME AND SAY THAT TO MY FACE THEN!


*The boy walks up to me*

Arimage:Come on,I dare you.

Boy:Your name sounds like a guys name.

Arimage:And you know what?


Arimage:YOUR GAY!

*I push him and falls on his ass and then he gets up*

Boy:You wanna fight!

Arimage:Bring it punk!


Boy:Yes Sensi.

*He sits down*

Teacher:Wow you turn shy and now your not.

Arimage:This always happens to me every time so I'm still not use to it.

Teacher:Well I'll introduce you to a wonderful student you can spend time with.


*He takes me to a girl with black hair and with bangs*

Teacher:Kagome this is Arimage,Arimage this is Kagome.

Arimage:Please to meet you Kagome.

Kagome:Its nice to meet you also.

Teacher:Well class is almost over so just talk.


*The teacher leaves*

Arimage:Only 2 minutes left.

Kagome:Um...Hey Arimage.

Arimage:Oh,Hi Kagome.

Kagome:You wanna come with to my house and study?

Arimage:Um....Sure I guess.


*The bell rings*

Kagome:Come on.


*I follow her to her house*

Kagome:Were here.

Arimage:Its big.

Kagome:Not that big,just a house and a shrine,that’s it.


Kagome:So you wanna stay for dinner?



*We go inside*

Kagome:I'm home and I got a friend with me!Little boy:Who is it?Kagome:Arimage meet my brother Sota.

Arimage:Nice to meet you.

Sota:You have a cool name.

Arimage:Thanks and I like yours to.

Sota:Come meet our mom and grandpa.


*I see the other to*

Kagome:Mom,grandpa this is my friend Arimage.

Arimage:Nice to meet you both.

Kagome's mom:Its our pleasure.

Old man:Come and sit suppers almost ready.

Arimage:Thank you.

????:Kagome are you ready!?

*A dog thing comes out of the hallway and I look at it and stares at me*

????:Hey what are you staring at!?

Arimage:At your dog ears and you don't have to yell at me.

Kagome:Arimage this is Inuyasha,Inuyasha this is Arimage and don't be mean to our guest.

Inuyasha:Whatever and are you ready to go back to the Feudal era?

Kagome:Yeah after dinner.


Kagome's mom:Supper's ready!

*She puts them on the table and we eat*

Arimage:Wow I never tasted anything so brilliant(sp) before!

Kagome's mom:Why thank you.

Kagome:So Arimage where do you live?

*I stopped eating just looked at my hands and start stuttering*

Arimage:I-I l-l-live b-b-by m-mys-self.

Kagome's mom:What happened to your parents?Arimage:T-t-they d-d-ied of a high f-fever.

Kagome:You can live with us if you want.

Kagome's mom:We could us more company for in this house.


Inuyasha:Didn't they just offer?

Kagome:Inuyasha shut up.

Arimage:I would gladly live here.

Kagome:Yeah now I can show you the furdal era.

Arimage:Um...whats that?

Kagome:I'll show you today.


Kagome's mom:But first you should go get Arimage stuff.

Arimage:Its not much.

Kagome:Lets go get them any way,come on Inuyasha lets go.

Inuyasha:Why do I have to go?

Kagome:Whatever,come on Arimage.


*We go to my house and get my things and head back*

Kagome:Hey you wanna sleep next to my room or Sota's?

Arimage:Hm...your room.

Kagome:Its right here.

Arimage:Thanks I'll unpack when we get back.

Kagome:Alright mom me and Arimage are going to the furdal era.

Kagome's mom:Alright!

Kagome:Alright lets go.


Inuyasha:To the shrine.

*We go inside the shrine scared*

Kagome:Whats wrong?

Arimage:I'm scared.

Inuyasha:You gotta be kiddin.

Arimage:I don't wanna go.

Kagome:Oh come on.

Inuyasha:That’s it.

*Inuyasha pushes me in the well*


Kagome:Lets go.

*So Kagome and Inuyasha jump in as well and us three are in the feudal era*

Arimage:Well you two get off of me!

Kagome:Oh sorry about that.

*They both get off and Kagome helps me up and we get out of the well and I see three other people*

Kagome:Hey guys.

Fox:Hi Kagome.

Monk:Hey there Kagome.

Girl:Who's that?

Kagome:Oh this is Arimage,Arimage this is Shippo,Miroko,and Sango.

Sango:And you forgot Kirara.

Arimage:She is so cute and so is Shippo!

*I start hugging them both and I let go*

Arimage:I hope there are no demons.

Sango:Don't worry were in Kaede's village.

Arimage:Who's that?

Shippo:We'll introduce you to her.

Arimage:I'm getting a feeling.

Kagome:What feeling?

Arimage:Like something is following me around.

*Kagome looks back*



Shippo:Oh no.

Sango:Its getting away.

Miroku:To late.

Kagome:This is bad.

Inuyasha:We should get to the old hag's place.

Kagome:Were here.

Inuyasha:Hey old hag were here!

Old lady:Oh,hello,and who's this?

Sango:This is Arimage.

Miroku:Arimage meet lady Kaede.

Arimage:Hello its very nice to meet you.

Kagome:Oh Arimage I got something for ya.

Arimage:F-f-for me.

Kagome:Here it is.

*She brings out a staff and gives it to me*

Arimage:What is it?

Sango:Its a staff made out of demons bones,I made it.

Arimage:Oh its so beautiful and well for what?

Sango:For battling demons.

Arimage:I love it,thanks.

Sango:No problem and your welcome.

Kaede:Its getting late we should all get some sleep.


Kaede:And I'm sorry I didn't prepare a bed for you Arimage.

Arimage:Its alright i kinda sleep on the floor anyway.

Kaede:Well here is a blanket.

Arimage:Thank you lady Kaede.

Kagome:Come,tomorrow we have to set out.


*So we all go to sleep mean while somewhere else*

?????:There,she's the one with powers like no other.

?????:She must be stronger than that Kagome girl,Demon slayer,monk,fox,and Inuyasha together.

??????:Indeed and thats why I need you and Kana to kidnap her.



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