Demon Love (A Sesshomaru Story)

Sesshomaru loved once, it seems hard to believe but he did. But is he capable of doing it again with someone else?


5. Arimage VS Koga

*I wake up seeing everyone else awake*

Arimage:Good morning

Kagome:Oh,morning Arimage.

Miroku:Indeed good morning.

Sango:Morning Arimage.


Arimage:Kagome were going to be late for school!

Kagome:Relax were not even in the present and your already busy.

Arimage:Sorry I was having a dream.

Kagome:About what?

Arimage:Um....*Blushes*It was about nothing.

Kagome:Then how come your blushing?

Arimage:It is nothing.

Sango:Come on tell us.
Arimage:Okay,it was was about.

*I looks at the ground*

Kagome:Come tell us.

Sango:Please do.

Inuyasha:What are Sango and Kagome doing?

Miroku:Trying to see what Arimage was dreaming about.


Miroku:I know.

Sango and Kagome:Tell us.

Arimage:Okay,okay, was about,um....SESSHOUMARU!!!!

*My face turns completely red*

Sango:You like him don't you?

Arimage:N-no I don't.

Kagome:Then how come your face is red?

Arimage:B-because its um...I don't know.

Kagome:Oh you like him don't you.

Sango:Yeah I mean its completely obvious.

Kagome:Oh,don't worry we know you like him so guess what?


Sango:If we ever encounter Sesshomaru again you may travel with him.

Arimage:Thanks but I don't think he'll remember me.

Sango:I kinda agree.

Kagome:Same,but don't worry and you'll have to train.

Arimage:But what about powers I don't even know?!

Kagome:Oh yeah.

Sango:You can practice with Inuyasha.

Arimage:But wouldn't he get killed or hurt?

Kagome: He's half demon he took on worse things before.

Arimage: Alright.

Sango: And you can practice your weapon with Miroku and me.

Kagome: And you and me would be practicing going back and forth and training to sense for the Shikon jewel shards and train to defeat Naraku.

Arimage:Yeah and what about that Kagura person?

Inuyasha:We'll take care of her and you'll just stay were she can't touch you.

Arimage: Wow,I already feel protected.

Miroku:And you should be thankful.

Arimage:I am thankful,I just don't know how to express it or say it.


Arimage:Can't blame me.


Kagome:I sense Shikon jewel shards.

Arimage:At a rapid speed and is a wolf demon,full demon.

*Then a wolf demon comes*

Kagome:Oh,hey Koga.

Koga:Hey there Kagome.


*Koga turns around and faces me*

Koga:Um...who are you?

Arimage:I'm the girl you mad angry few days back.

Koga:Oh,well I'm sorry.

Arimage:Sorry ain't going to cut for me.

Kagome:Come on Arimage calm down.

Arimage:Fine I will.

Sango:Wow you really upset.

Arimage:You got that right.

Koga:Hey Kagome have you heard that theirs a new person but she doesn't know that she has powers that come surprisingly.

Kagome:Um...Yeah and shes traveling with us.

Koga:Really,where is she so I can fight her.

Sango:That girl is Arimage.

Koga:So that girl is her.

*He points at me*


Koga:Good then lets fight Arimage.

Arimage:No,and besides I bet your weak to the bone.

Koga:Argh,you have guts saying that,but I'm stronger than you.

Arimage:Yeah right,puppy-mutt.

Inuyasha:Oh,she got you there.

Koga:Shut it mutt.

Arimage:And you to are fighting each other,how stupid a wolf can be and a half breed but I bet Inuyasha can beat you easy.


Sango:Actually Inuyasha has beaten you before.

Koga:Shut it.

Arimage:Don't you talk to her like that.

Koga:Your not the boss of me.

Arimage:Don't matter,you gotta have respect to my friends.!

Koga:You wanna make something of it?

Arimage:Yeah I do.

*I push him*

Koga:Ha,that was pathtic.

*Koga:Pushes me and I fall*


Kagome:Arimage,are you alright?

Arimage:No.*I get up and punch him*

Koaga:You got good hits.

Arimage:And I hate you and your guts.

Koaga:Your lame.

Arimage:SHUT UP!!!!!!!*I punch him so hard he went fyling and hit a near by tree*


Arimage:Thats what you get for making me pissed off.

Koaga:I guess I heard right,the rumors said you were strong to.

Arimage:Who started the rumors?Koaga:I heard it was fromNaraku.Kagome:What?!

Inuayasha:He wants her to.

Miroko:But what would Naraku want with you,Arimage?

Arimage:I have no idea.

Sango:I guess we have to keep you safe.

Inuyasha:That means we gotta start the training for Arimage tommarrow.

Kagome:Thats right.

Arimage:But I'm lazy.

Kagome:Its everyone's responsibly.

Arimage:Okay,I'll pull my weight,but why does tommarrow I have to start training?

Kagome:So you can control what power you have.

Koaga:Yeah,but becareful.

Arimage:Why is that?

Koaga:I also heard in the rumors that Naraku whats your power.

Arimage:So thats why that Kagura lady tried kiddnaping me.

Kagome:Go figure.

Sango:But what if you and Arimage go back to the preasant?

Kagome:Well be safe.

Shippo:At least Naraku can't touch you.


Koaga:Well I gotta go.*Leaves really fast*



Sango:You are so loud.

Arimage:I know.

Miroko:So how come you know already?

Arimage:I have no idea^.^.

Shippo:So your clueless?

Arimage:Pretty much,yeah.

Inuyasha:Go figure.

Arimage:You envy me because I'm funny.

Inuyasha:Why you little brat!!!!

Arimage:Oh no.*I start running cause Inuyasha is chasing me*


Inuyasha hit his face to the ground four times*




Sango:Whaats going on?

Miroko:I have no idea.

Arimage:That was funny Kagome!

Kagome:Yeah and I'm already use to this!

Arimage:We should camp out now its getting late and I sense were near a village anyway with a castle.


Arimage:Yeah and I also sense a evil arura.

Miroko:Do you know who's in charge?

Arimage:Sorry Ican't.


Inuaysha:Be we should be prepared.

Shippo:We all know that.

Inuaysha:Don't get me mad.


Arimage:Okay the camp site is done.







*We all went to sleep*

The end till next time^.^

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