The Future of Inuyasha (An Inuyasha Story)

Is the future bright. Maybe, maybe not demons run the world now most humans are slaves to them. The Demon Leader is none other then Sesshomaru.


2. The Escape

 “Let them go” said Ariel when she seen her nieces and nephews locked in a cell.

Tell me where are the rebels” said Sesshomaru “They will go free if you tell me.”

Ariel seen someone cock a gun and aim it at the children. A warning shot was fired. The kids screamed and held on to each other.

My Lord China has been taken” said Jaken walking over to them.

I'll tell you whatever you want just let them go” said Ariel.

Ariel told them where to find the main camp and the rest of the rebel camps across the rest of the country.

Vickie Looked at Ariel as if she wanted to kill her.

Do you know what you've done” yelled Vickie as she was forced onto her knees “I hope you enjoy your freedom.”

That wasn't the deal” said Jaken.

why else would she turn us over” said Bret.

The people in the town are free except those who belonged to the rebellion” said Jaken “But don't worry Lord Sesshomaru will take good care of her when we get back to Japan. Now take them away.”

Vickie looked at Ariel who was bound by her hands ankles and was chained to a demon with long white hair. Sesshomaru pulled Ariel along with him as they were leaving.

You said she wouldn't turn us over” said Bret.

They offered freedom for the entire town” said Vickie “She traded her own freedom so they could be free.”

Now we're going to prison” said Bret.

Actually” said A demon “Lord Sesshomaru was going to kill the last of her family. She told him everything in exchange for there freedom and lives. You could learn something from her.”

Ariel was shoved into a seat on a plane by a demon she didn't know. Sesshomaru wasn't sitting far away from her.

The flight was long and quite Sesshomaru didn't talk much neither did anyone else. Out of all the people Sesshomaru could have picked he chose her. She didn't know why. When the plane landed Ariel was drug off the plane. She fell as her feet hit the ground she was drug with force she couldn't keep up with the demon who had her. Sesshomaru got into a limo she was pushed into the seat in front of him. The ride to the castle wasn't as long as she thought it would be. Ariel was pulled out of the car and taken inside through the back as Sesshomaru went through the front. There were other humans in there some were cooking some were cleaning others doing what ever was in front of them. She was unchained and shoved into a room.

Human women looked at her, they were doing laundry. One of them helped her up.

I speak English” she said “Come on I'll show you what to do.”

Ariel was shown what to do and did it without complaining. She was folding sheet and blankets.

You new girl” said a woman opening the door “Grab a cart fill it with sheet's and fallow me.”

Ariel did what she was told.

Just so you know I'm your boss not a slave like you” she said “My name is Rena. You do what your told when told to do it. Never look Lord Sesshomaru in the face you understand. Now make these bed's. They're for the guest Lord Sesshomaru is having later tonight.”

Ariel made the beds the best she could. Rena kept pulling them back off and making her do it over again. They went from room to room changing sheets and blankets.

Ariel was knocked down by Sesshomaru.

Lord Sesshomaru please forgive me she's new” said Rena.

Come with me” said Sesshomaru.

My Lord” said Rena.

Not you her” said Sesshomaru pulling Ariel to her feet.

But” said Rena.

Are you questioning Lord Sesshomaru” asked Jaken.

No sire” said Rena putting her head down.

Ariel fallowed Sesshomaru into a room. It looked magnificent, there was a large stone tub in the middle of the room. It looked a lot like the one he used when he first caught her in the states. There was another servant girl in there waiting. She was running water. Sesshomaru said something in Japanese she bowed and left.

Ariel turned around as Sesshomaru started to undress.

What's wrong Ariel” he asked “You never minded before.”

Thing's change” said Ariel.

Humph” said Sesshomaru getting into the water.

At one time Sesshomaru kept her for close to a year. In that time she had fallen in love with him. But now things were completely different now. He never showed her any affection at all. One time they slept together but he was still cold hearted. She thought differently when he let her go.

Sesshomaru new her well and didn't think twice to use her weakness against her. He knew she would step forward when other demons started killing people. But he took her all the way to Japan this time. Normally rebels were sent to prison for life. But in the last ten years of fighting human prisoners were being killed because there was no room in the prisons most were sold as slaves. Her cousin Akanna heard the word 'war' and took off before her family was killed. No matter how much she begged them to go with her they refused. She was caught By Sesshomaru before the battle and was handed over to a demon slave trader. A few day's after that the slave trader brought Sesshomaru the money he got for her. It was more then fifty thousand dollars. She was sold to a rich American demon who lived somewhere in the mid west. That demon could be unbelievably cruel when he wanted to be. She didn't know if Akanna was still alive or not.

Join me” said Sesshomaru.

She did as he asked and stripped down got into the water covering herself. Sesshomaru pulled her close to him and kissed her. Rena was spying on the two of them and got really jealous as she closed the door.

Ariel was laid down in Sesshomaru's bed.

(This is with Akanna now ok)

Akanna was chained to a wall as the night sky was lit up with stars. She used to love the sight of the stars at night. She had been a slave for more then a year now. She heard that the battle she was caught running from before it started had ended quickly there were no survivors. Akanna assumed she was the only person if her family left except when she head that the American Rebellion was over. It ended with Vickie being arrested by Sesshomaru and possibly executed. But from what she heard the demon's talking about now was she was turned in by her own sister Ariel.

Ariel was taken to Japan and was now Sesshomaru's personal slave but the town was free and the rest of her family was safe for now.

Tears ran down her face. Over the last year she had been beaten, forced to do thing's she never would do but one this was left untouched for now.

The demon who had bought her was down right evil. His son's were no better then he was. She could hear the screams of other girls being rapped and beaten by them this was a nightly thing some of the slaves that had been here longer had learned to lie down and take it or it would just get worse. Five new slaves arrived that morning all were now being showed who was the boss around there.

Akanna took out a hair pin and started trying to pick the locks on her chains but it wasn't working she couldn't concentrate with all of the screaming and crying that was going on.

After a few hours it stopped. Akanna finally got her chains unlocked and quietly unlocked the door. She couldn't hear anyone so she assumed that they were all sleeping. The only thing that could be heard were the whimpers of the girls who were still awake. Akanna made her way to the back door she made sure nothing would go off waking them up. It wasn't the first time she tried to escape but hopefully it was her last. She opened and closed the door as quietly as she could and walked bare foot across the wooden porch. And down the steps. When she stepped onto the black top she ran as fast as she could her feet were getting cut up as she tripped and fell because she didn't have much strength left. She hadn’t eaten since her last escape attempt. She made it down the rode but everyone in town knew which demon owned her accept a truck driver that was pulling out of a gas station. She flagged him down hoping it wasn't a slave trader or anyone that would take her back.

The guy was human owned by a demon who was sleeping in the back of the truck.

Are you ok” he asked.

Please help me” said Akanna “Please get me out of here.”

Ok get in” he said “I can only give you a ride until he wakes up.”

That's fine as long as I'm far from here” said Akanna getting in.

The driver drove west through Kansas. The demon in the back started to stir as if he was going to wake up. At a truck stop she was dropped off as he stopped to rest for awhile. The demon woke up while she was in the bathroom washing her feet. They were covered in dry blood, dirt and whatever else was on the rode she was running on. When she stepped out she looked around to see if anyone was there. No one was except the man who gave her a ride and the demon who owned him. Akanna looked for a vending machine she didn't know how she was going to open it and get something to eat but she was going to find away.

So you ran away” said a voice she didn't know.

Akanna turned around and was face to face with a demon. She backed away.

Don't worry I won't hurt you” he said.

Why do you think I ran away” asked Akanna.

Your feet” he said looking down “That and the blood on the floorboard of my truck.”

I won't go back you'll have to kill me first” said Akanna.

No one's killing anyone” he said “I'm Malakite, And you are?”

Akanna” said Akanna.

Where are you heading” asked Malakite.

I don't know” said Akanna.

I can only give you a ride to Las Vegges” said Malakite “Your on your own from there. We leave in ten minutes. So hurry up and don't brake the machine.”

Akanna didn't break the machine she used a steal wire to get several things out of the machine. She pocketed what she could and ate the rest. She was put in the back seat as they left.


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