The Future of Inuyasha (An Inuyasha Story)

Is the future bright. Maybe, maybe not demons run the world now most humans are slaves to them. The Demon Leader is none other then Sesshomaru.


1. The Demon Empire

Some would say the future is bright but not anymore. The Demon Empire had risen they were led by a demon named Sesshomaru. Demon's planned to enslave all humans. First Japan fell then most of Asia and the Middle East. Most countries didn't give up without a fight. There were three rebellion's left. China, USA and Grate Britten were not giving up without a fight. So many lives had been lost already but the human's believed in there freedom they wanted that for all human's.

China The USA and Britten are still putting up a strong fight” said A reporter “Lord Sesshomaru say's these wars will end soon. But at what cost so many lives have been lost already. I have just received word that Grate Britten has fallen under Lord Sesshomaru's rule. But in The United States The Rebels continue to resist. Word has it That Lord Sesshomaru himself is going to put an end to it.”

This is horrible” said Shippo.

I know” said Inuyasha turning off the TV.

It had been years since Kagome Miroku and Sango died they missed them terribly but there wasn't anything they could do about it since they were human.

Have you guy's seen the news” asked Koga walking in.

Yeah” said Inuyasha.

Why is Sesshomaru doing this” asked Shippo “Enslaving all human's. I mean what's the point.”

The point there isn't one” said Inuyasha “Rin died and he went back to is cold hearted self. I'm surprised he cared for her.”

But demons who don't want to get involved are getting in there way and getting killed as well” said Koga “Other are trying to protect them because they've fallen in love with them.”

I know” said Inuyasha getting up.

This is bad” said Shippo.


My Lord We believe the rebels are camped in this area somewhere” said a demon showing Sesshomaru a map “But it could just be a trap. We've fallen into many these humans are smart and crafty.”

If we find the leader and take him down the rest will fall” said another demon.

No” said Sesshomaru “Another will take there place. This country is filled with rebels they hide in plane sight.”

So even if we get one more will just pop right back up” said Jaken “These American’s are used to being free. They will fight for it if they have to.”

Lord Sesshomaru we believe we found the town that the rebel lives in” said a demon walking in “If the leader is not there. I hear he has a sister. We could use her to draw them out.”

Very well” said Sesshomaru “I will observe.”


Ariel” said Vickie.

What” said Ariel.

You need to learn how to fight” said Vickie.

I told you I don't want anything to do with this” said Ariel “I'm going home.”

No your staying here” said Vickie “I'm leading this rebellion if they find out your my sister they will use you to get to me.”

Look I know your all high and mighty right now” said Ariel “But I'm not a part of your little rebellion so you can't tell me what to do.”

Ariel” yelled Vickie “I am your older sister you will listen to me.”

Why you never listen to me” said Ariel “Mom, Dad, Damon, Dante, Virgil, Rebecca, Ashley, Quinn, Adam and Chris are all dead because you didn't listen to me. Our brothers and sisters are dead Because you said we needed to fight for our freedom. You sent them into a battle you knew you couldn't win. Where are they now Vickie. Where.”

Ariel” said Vickie.

They're in the cemetery outside the town we grew up in” said Ariel “Our friends and family are gone because you said 500 to 100 was grate odds. 500 demon's killed everyone we ever new without blinking, because you were too proud to retreat. Now if you'll excuse me. The last that remains of our family is in need of help starving because you are taking all of the food to feed your rebellion. If it's not you it's the demons but at least they leave some for you to take right.”

Ariel walked out left the camp and headed back to town with a cart of food she sloe from the rebellion. When she got there people were fighting over a little bit of bread. Ariel passed out what food she could and took the rest back home. Aksana Tori Hunter Shawn Isabella Claire Stefan and Leon ate the food given to them. Ariel didn't eat anything so they could eat what they could.

People started screaming as guns went off. Ariel looked outside demons were dragging people out into the square and lining them up.

Anyone who's inside come out and you will not be harmed” said Jaken “Now come out or we're coming in after you. Knock down the door.”

Ariel shielded the kids the best she could as the door flew off the henge's. They were grabbed and drug out of the house and put in line with the rest.

Now we know one of you is the sister of the rebel leader” said Jaken “Step forward now and no one will be harmed. If you don't we'll start putting each of you out of your misery.”

Ariel I'm scared” said Aksana grabbing her leg.

Ariel seen a demon watching from behind. She had seen him before when the rest of her family was killed.

Alright then” said Jaken “Start at this end.”

People started screaming as they tried to resist the demon's who grabbed them. The demon was looking at her as if he knew who she was. There was a snap and the woman hit the ground. Her neck was snapped and she was dead now. They grabbed another person this time a child.

STOP” yelled Ariel.

Everyone looked at her.

I'm the one your looking for” said Ariel “They haven't done anything to you so let them go.”

Two demon's grabbed her and pulled her out of line.

Ariel” screamed the kids as they were being held back.

Ariel was handcuffed and thrown in the back of a truck.

What” yelled Vickie “They took my sister.”

Yes” said Bret “They said if she didn't step forward they were going to start killing people.”

She fell for that” said Vickie.

No they started killing people” said Bret “They grabbed a child from the line and she stopped them before they killed him. They took her away.”

They're going to use her to get to me” said Vickie “They'll give her what ever she wants in return for me. I know she won't do it. She wants freedom but she wont hand me over to them.”

I hope your right” said Bret.

Ariel was sitting in a tent in Sesshomaru's camp waiting for someone to do something anything. For awhile nothing happened all she could hear was the demon's outside and human's they enslaved along the way.

Sesshomaru entered the tent.

I'm not telling you anything” said Ariel “You can do whatever you want to me. I'm not talking.”

We meet again” said Sesshomaru “The last time I seen you, you were running away while the rest of your people went down.”

I'm not a fighter” said Ariel “I will not tell you anything. I didn't then won't now.”

I know how stubborn you are” said Sesshomaru “I also know those kids you were found with are the only members of your family left other then your sister. This war won't end until all of the rebels have been dealt with.”

Leave them alone” said Ariel.


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