The Future of Inuyasha (An Inuyasha Story)

Is the future bright. Maybe, maybe not demons run the world now most humans are slaves to them. The Demon Leader is none other then Sesshomaru.


3. On The Run

Akanna was shaken awake as they stopped at a truck stop. It was getting dark as she got out and went to the bathroom and looked for a vending machine. There wasn't one but there was a table full of cloths and different kinds of bags. An unguarded table anyway. Akanna grabbed several shirts and shorts a package of socks and under cloths she found a bag big enough to put it all in. She kept looking around as she did so. She found a pair of sandal’s they might be a little big but they were better then nothing she wouldn't be able to run in them though. A black box caught her eye. She grabbed it and headed back to the truck. Malakite was getting in the back. He drove during the day while his servant drove at night. She got to sit in the front seat this time.

Malakite fell asleep quickly as they left the truck stop a demon was walking over to the table as they hit the highway. Six other trucks pulled out when they so he wouldn't know who robbed him.

Do you steal often” asked Dean.

Only if its necessary” said Akanna picking the lock to the box. It was filled with money mostly cash she put it all together and put it in her bag and tossed the box out of the window.

That's going to be one pissed off demon” said Dean “So do you run away often.”

First time I actually succeed” said Akanna.

The demon who owns you that bad” said Dean.

No just the ones he left me with” said Akanna “He didn't want to pay for another ticket slaves cost twice as much as those that aren't.”

Oh” said Dean.

They didn't talk anymore after that. When they reached Vegas Malakite was awake. When Dean stopped the truck outside of a gas station she got out.

Good luck” said Malakite.

Thanks for the ride” said Akanna walking away.

Vegas was huge bigger then she thought it would be at first. She couldn't find a place to shower and change so she found a bathroom used paper towels and hand soap to clean up with. A girl who was a demon looked at her as she did so.

You know they have showers by the beach” she said “It's free and privet. But the shampoo and conditioner there really sucks. Judging by your appearance and stolen bag I'm guessing runaway slave.”

Just a long trip that's all” said Akanna.

Well then you should take the tags off of your bag because people here will see you as a runaway.”

Why do you care?” asked Akanna.

Not all of us demons are evil you know” she said “I'm Natalie. You are.”

Akanna” said Akanna.

That's a pretty name” said Natalie “Well if you need anything I mostly hang around the beach. Good luck here your going to need it.”

Akanna went to the place Natalie had told her about. She was right it was free and privet that's what she needed. Akanna showered and changed she took all of the tags off of her cloths and bag she put her old ones in the trash. She counted the money she stole there was almost four thousand dollars. It wouldn't get her much here. But it was better then nothing. Her stomach continued to growl so she looked around for a food stand but didn't find one with food she could eat without making her sick. So she went to a fast food place and ordered a meal and left. It had been awhile since she tasted food like this and had a soda. She didn't know what to do here there were demons around every corner but one stopped her and asked if she wanted a job. She seen what the job entailed and walked away. She didn't know anyone here or why people looked at her the way they did.

Here there were no unguarded tables of cloths or anything like that. Most had a human behind it along with a demon.

Akanna seen Natalie again she was looking at stuff but someone came behind her and over turned the tables the demon went after him. Natalie grabbed a bunch of stuff and disappeared. The demon returned and put the tables back a human picked up the merchandise and put it back on the table.

Akanna looked around for a good hairbrush or a comb. She found a table with hair products on it.

Are you looking for something in particular” asked a demon behind the table.

Hair brush comb” said Akanna.

This is all I got right now” he said holding out a package with brush mirror and comb “Five dollars do you want it?”

Yes” said Akanna “I'll take these too.”

She handed him a five kinds of hair ties a bottle of shampoo and conditioner.

Ten dollars even” he said.

Here you go” said Akanna handing him a ten.

He put everything in a bag and handed it to her.

Come again” he said.

She walked away.

You know it would have been just as easy to just take it” said Natalie.

Your a thief” said Akanna “What make's you think I'm one?”

Well lets see” said A demon looking at her “Judging by your appearance and bag. Your cloths are worth at least a hundred dollars apiece I'm sure your other cloths are the same. That bag is five hundred dollars. So I'd say you have about two or three thousand dollars worth of items on you right now.”

That's nice” said Akanna “I get it takes a lot to do what you do but I only do that if I have to.”

Akanna walked away.

Hey” said Natalie.

Leave her alone” said a girl walking by I'll talk to her.

Cassidie you'll just screw it up” said Natalie.

Hi I'm Cassidie” said Cassidie.

Will you people please leave me alone” said Akanna.

Look they don't mean anything by it” said Cassidie “I'm free as a bird thanks to them. Zane bought me at a slave auction he set me free. I have a paper that says so.”

Did they want you to be a thief too” asked Akanna.

No I'm a dancer” said Cassidie “Well stripper. That demon that offered you a job dose more then just that. I work for him.”

Why would I want to take off my cloths for strangers” said Akanna “I won't do that for anyone I know.”

Ok you basicly have three choices” said Cassidie “Someone in your position will either be a thief, turn tricks or strip. The girls the work at the strip club are safe no one out there can hands on you. I'm sure at some point the demon who owns you is going to find you.”

He's really not that bad” said Akanna.

Then why did you run away?” asked Cassidie.

Because the people he left me with are” said Akanna “He asked them to watch me while he was gone only they weren't to touch me in any way.”

Akanna pulled up her shirt and showed her the marks on her back.

These are just the one's on my back” said Akanna “If you've never been beaten your lucky.”

Akanna walked away only this time no one fallowed her. As it got dark she couldn't decide on where to sleep it was a little cold out. All of the hotels wanted ID's before you could get a room. They had to make sure you weren’t a run away slave or something.

She found a brig with people her age under it. They looked at her as though she were a demon in human form. She got the notion that she wasn't welcome so she went elsewhere. This world sucked worse then the last one. Akanna seen Cassidie leaving a club that now said closed. Akanna tried to ignore her as she sat down a a bench.

Hey do you need a place to sleep” asked Cassidie.

No thanks” said Akanna.

Well then you shouldn't sleep there” said Cassidie “you could get hurt.”

She'll be fine” said A voice.

Akanna hadn't heard that voice in a long time. She looked up and there he was. Darrian the demon who owned her.

Get lost demon” said Cassidie.

Don't” said Akanna.

Let's go” said Darrian.

Akanna got up and went with him.

Hey” said Cassidie.

Why did you run?” asked Darrian as he opened a hotel door “you were supposed to wait there.”

I couldn't stay there anymore” said Akanna.

She turned around and pulled up her shirt.

Oh my god” said Darrian.

These are just the ones on my back” said Akanna “I got these for looking out the window. The rest I got trying to leave. You said they couldn't touch me.”

They weren’t supposed to” said Darrian “This room is yours mines next door clean your self up and get some sleep.”

He left the room leaving her alone.

So you left her with demons who beat her” a demon sitting n a bed “I said take her with just say she wasn't a slave. But no you had to have her way now look what happened. I bought her to save her from demons like hat also I needed help in my old age help you refused to give until she came home with me. I have sent a request in to Lord Sesshomaru to set her free. If he grant's it you will no longer be able to treat her that way. Goodnight.”

He left the room.

Akanna took a hot shower, got dressed and went to bed.


The next morning Akanna woke up and tried to leave her room but it was locked for some reason. She couldn't do anything but sit and wait for it to be unlocked.


Sesshomaru was looking at a request for a slaves freedom. He knew her at once, It was Akanna, Ariel's cousin she was captured trying to flea a battle the took most of her family's lives.

Are you going to grant it Lord Sesshomaru” asked Jaken.

Who is the demon who sent this request?” asked Sesshomaru.

His name Quinn Valen” said Jaken “He asked that she be set free to where no demon can force her in to slavery again.”

Sesshomaru looked at it again. He remembered the day she was captured, she was running away from the rebellion not wanting to see her family die. The demons who caught her forced her to watch them all be executed. Sesshomaru then sold her to a slave trader and told her he had to be the one to set her free if whatever demon bought her asked that she be free. Ariel was trying to find her in order to set her free.

Deny this Jaken” said Sesshomaru.

Ok” said Jaken “Quinn is an old man he may not have long to live I wonder if that's why he want's her set free.”

Jaken stamped Denied on the paper and sent it back to Quinn.


Akanna sat there starring at the wall doing nothing waiting for the door to be unlocked. Quinn was a good man but his son was selfish he had to have locked her in after he left.

She heard the door click and it came opened.

There she is arrest her” said Darrian.

Demon's grabbed her.

What's going on here?” asked Akanna.

Your under arrest for the murder of Quinn Valen” said a demon forcing her to the floor.

She was hand cuffed.

Take this with her” said Darrian throwing her bag to one of the demons.

Let go of me” said Akanna trying to get free.

Get in there” said a demon forcing her into a police car.

Oh no” said Cassidie as Akanna was driven away.

Cassidie took a closer look at what was going on. An old demon was being put in a body bag.

What should be done with the slave” asked A demon.

Slave” said Darrian.

This just came in to the front office” said the demon “Lord Sesshomaru denied her freedom. What do you want done with her?”

I don't care she murdered my father” said Darrian.

Stand back miss there's nothing to see here” said a demon pulling her back out of the way “Go home.”

Sorry” said Cassidie.

Cassidie ran back to her house.

Was she caught stealing?” asked Natalie “Hey Dante come in here.”

What” said Dante.

Look I know it sounds stupid but I know she didn't do it” said Cassidie.

She is accused of killing someone” said Natalie.

Let the police handle it” said Dante “If we get involved they will look at us to. Just let it go.”

Akanna was slapped across the face.

Why did you do it?” asked a demon kicking her in the ribs.

I told you I didn't do anything” said Akanna spitting out blood.

Who else could have done it” asked the demon.

Sire the owner of the hotel is here His name is Vince Williams” said someone knocking on the door.

When I get back I want answers” said the demon kicking her again.

Thank you for coming I am Chief Alamain” said The demon “I'm sorry for this inconvenience we'll will have the investigation over with as soon as we can.”

I'm not here about that” said Vince “But the person that is being accused is a human right.”

A slave yes” said Chief Alamain “Why?”

It's just that the room she was in was locked from the outside” said Vince “That room was made to keep slaves in. The windows are shatter proof. The door can only be opened from the out side.”

So your saying she couldn't have got out” said Chief Alamain.

Here are the tapes you requested” said Vince “Have a nice day.”

They looked over the tapes of the room Akanna was in it showed her entering the room with Darrian her showing the marks on he back. Him leaving and locking the door, It sowed her going into the bathroom and coming out and going to sleep. It didn't show her doing anything until she woke up and trying to open the door there was no handle so she pushed on it. She sat on the bed an did nothing until the door opened and her being forced to the floor.

Wow this is a first” said Chief Alamain “Let her go.”

But he said he didn't want her back” said A demon.

I'll speak with Lord Sesshomaru” said Chief Alamain picking up the phone.

Your sure she didn't do it” said Sesshomaru.

Yes sire” said Chief Alamain “What should I do with her?”

Let her go” said Sesshomaru.

Are you sure you denied the request before” said Chief Alamain.

I'm sure let her go she's free” said Sesshomaru.

Yes sire” said Chief Alamain hanging up.

Akanna was laying on the floor still bleeding. A demon pulled her up and escorted her from the room.

Your free to go” said a demon pulling her things out of a bag “Here you go everything's in it. You should go get your self checked out your still bleeding.”

Akanna took her things and found the nearest hospital. She didn't need stitch’s but the doctor said she took a nasty beating none the less. Her wrist was cracked in a bad way he said it could break at anytime. Her ribs were bruised it was hard for her to breath. Two hours later has was released from the hospital. But before she left the doctor told here there was a demon who could heal her. He lived close to the beach that was all he knew about him.

Akanna could hardly walk as she walked down the street. She opened her bag to see if her money was still in it. To her surprise it was she decided to get something to eat. She stopped at a Subway Restaurant and ordered two foot long meatball sandwich's. People stared at her as she waited for her food she paid for a big mug and filled it with soda, then she left.

Akanna sat down in a park and ate her food near the beach. The sun was starting to go down. In away it was beautiful but in others it represented her her pain and the blood she lost earlier that day.

She through her wrappers from one of her sandwich's in the trash. Sh began to put the other in her bag when she caught sight of two kids who were now inching to the trash. She held out the sandwich to them they looked at her. She unwrapped it and handed half to each one.

Thank you” said one of them.

Your welcome” said Akanna walking away.

Now she was faced with another dilemma. She had no where to stay now. She thought she would end up spending the night in a jail cell. A demon was looking at her. It was the same one who had offered her a job before. He watched her as she walked away.

Hey I thought you were in jail” said Cassidie.

Let go of me” said Akanna.

Are you ok” asked Natalie.

You people just stay away from me” said Akanna walking away.



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