Demon's, Monks and Priest

It's the modern day and Inuyasha and his friends attend High School. Demons and humans co-exist in this story full of twist and turns. So let's go to high school


16. Vampires

Kagome opened her eyes. Inuyasha was sleeping in a chair next to her. She tried to sit up but couldn’t. Her body felt like it was going to fall apart.

Kagome your awake” said Sota walking in the room. Inuyasha woke up.

Sota let go that hurts” said Kagome.

Sorry your going to have to stay here” said Inuyasha “We can’t get a hold of Tierra. Sorry Kagome.”

Its ok” said Kagome “It must be hard to be her.”

It’s not that Kagome” said Inuyasha.
“She works for Naraku” said Kagome.

No she doesn’t” said Inuyasha “Why would you think that?”

She was there” said Kagome “Along with Tsubaki and Kikyo.”

That doesn’t mean anything” said Inuyasha.

I don’t know what happened” said Kagome “I touched something and then I was thrown back and I couldn’t move. They said Tierra was practically dead. Kikyo and Tsubaki were knocked out. By the same thing, I think.”

That doesn’t mean she’s working for him” said Inuyasha “Naraku could have said or done anything to get her there. The same with Kikyo and Tsubaki.”

I guess your right” said Kagome “How long do I have to be here.”

I’m not sure” said Inuyasha ‘That was close.’

Oh” said Kagome.

Maybe a day or two” said Inuyasha.

The doctor came in.

How are you feeling” he asked.

OK I guess” said Kagome.

It won’t take long for the medication wears off” he said “Then you can go home. You’ll be off school the rest of the week. In that time I want you to rest and regain your strength. That means no fighting demons.”

Ok” said Kagome.

The nurse will be here in about ten minutes” said the doctor “The rest of the medication should wear off by then.”

Ok thank you” said Kagome.

He left the room.

So” said Inuyasha “My family is going camping this weekend do you want to come.”

The doctor said I should stay home and rest” said Kagome.

You can rest and relax when you go camping” said Inuyasha “My mom thinks Rin needs some time in the outdoors. She making me go to. Miroku’s coming to.”

No thanks” said Kagome.



Naraku was walking up to a huge house. As he walked he could feel eyes on him. Some people came out and fallowed him. He got to the door he walked in. At least a hundred people were watching him as he walked.

A demon” said someone he was blocked and couldn’t walk any further.

I have come to see your queen” he said.

Who are and what do you want” asked a voice at the front of the room.

Queen Ariel” said Naraku “I have a proposition for you.”

You didn’t answer my first question” said Ariel.

I am Naraku” said Naraku.

Let him through” said Ariel.

They moved aside and Naraku walked forward.

What’s would a demon want with a vampire” asked Ariel.

Like I said I have a proposition” said Naraku.

Let’s hear it” said Ariel.

I understand that your getting short on blood” said Naraku.

We just got our shipment” said Ariel “We are fine on blood. Is that all.”

No” said Naraku “I require your assistance.”

Ariel laughed others laughed as well.

Why would you need my assistance” asked Ariel.

You are a where of the Shikon Jewel” said Naraku.

I do not need that Jewel” said Ariel “Get to your point.”

I need your help to get the Jewel from it protector” said Naraku “Who better then you.”

No” said Ariel “You want the Jewel get it yourself. I have no need for it.”

I understand you like demon blood” said Naraku.

What’s your point” asked Ariel.

I’ll give you some of my blood in exchange for her assistance” said Naraku.

Demon blood taste better then human” said Ariel “But a demon’s blood could also be poisonous to me.”

My blood will not poison you” said Naraku.

Say’s the demon surrounded by the scent of miasma” said Ariel.

It’s not in blood” said Naraku he cut his wrist “Try it for yourself.”

Ariel got up from her throne and took Naraku’s wrist and tasted his blood.

I require something else from you” said Ariel.

Name it” said Naraku.

You” said Ariel “Can you handle that.”

I can” said Naraku.

Well then Naraku I believe you have yourself a deal” said Ariel.

She bit down on his wrist this time taking more of his blood. Naraku didn’t flinch when she did.



Kagome are you sure your ok” asked Sota as she laid down on her bed.

For the last time Sota I’m fine” said Kagome.

Sorry” said Sota “I’m just worried about you.”

I know but I’m fine” said Kagome “I’m going to take a nap.”

Ok” said Sota he left the room leaving Kagome to think to herself.

I know Inuyasha said that Naraku could have said anything thing to her’ she thought ‘But I still don’t trust her. She and her friends can’t be as pure as Inuyasha say they are. I don’t see what Naraku could do to them that would make them work for him.’

Inuyasha are you ready for tonight” asked Miroku.

Yeah who am I fighting” asked Inuyasha.

I don’t know Naraku wouldn’t tell me” said Miroku.

So he wants to surprise me” said Inuyasha “well whoever he throws at me I’ll beat him.”

How do you know it’s not a girl” said Tierra.

Yeah really” said Tsubaki.

Are you to good to fight a girl” asked Kikyo.

You guy’s know who it is don’t you” said Inuyasha.

Maybe” said Tierra.

So who is it” asked Miroku.

I’m never going to tell” said Tierra.

I see Mila earlier” said Miroku.

What” said Inuyasha “What is she doing here?”

Don’t know and don’t care” said Tierra “You guys should be the best of friends since you helped her destroy my life.”

We didn’t help her” said Miroku.

Don’t lie to me” said Tierra “Why else would you talk to her.”

She’s not as evil as you think she is Tierra” said Miroku.

I don’t know” said Inuyasha “Rin said she was really mean to her when she was babysitting for us.”

Rin’s 9” said Miroku.

That doesn’t mean anything” said Inuyasha “She pushed me down the stairs. I’m still trying to figure out why.”

Mila has issues I know that” said Miroku.

Issues” said Tierra “She a mental case.”

It’s hard to believe you two are twins” said Miroku.

I still think I should be an only child” said Tierra “Or she could stay out of life.”

Now that’s not nice” said Mila.

Go to hell Mila” said Tierra “Let’s go.”

Bitch” said Mila.

Please don’t stat Mila” said Inuyasha.

Oh are you still mad at me Inuyasha” asked Mila putting her arms around Inuyasha. He shoved her away from him.

Not interested Mila” said Inuyasha “Not even a little bit. Go back where you came from.”

He left and went home.

Inuyasha put his head on his desk and didn’t look up until his phone rang.

What” he said.

You better show more respect then that Inuyasha” said a cold voice “Get here early.”

Yeah, yeah” said Inuyasha hanging up.

Inuyasha got up and left the house.

Miroku was waiting outside of Simyosho.

Inuyasha” he said waving him over.

I hope this don’t take long” said Inuyasha as they walked in. The place was packed like always. Inuyasha got in to the ring wile Miroku waited on the outside.

Inuyasha waited for his opponent. Naraku told him to be there early for some reason.

Ladies and Gentlemen” said Naraku “Tonight is going to be a little different it’s a two on one fight.”

What” said Miroku “He cant do that.”

Yes he can” said Inuyasha “This is his place he can do whatever he wants.”

Here’s your opponents Inuyasha” said Naraku “Tokajin and Muso.”

You have got to be kidding me” said Inuyasha As they got into the ring.

Naraku’s incarnation and Tokajin” said Miroku “Inuyasha get out of there while you can.”

And give Naraku the satisfaction of seeing me run a way” said Inuyasha.

Inuyasha they are going to destroy you” said Miroku.

LET GO” yelled Mila.

No jumping in unless he tags you” said Naraku with a smug grin on his face.

Inuyasha get out of the ring” said Mila.

Fight” said Naraku.

Inuyasha dodged Tokajin and got hit by Muso. The fight wasn’t going Inuyasha’s way.

I got to get one of them out of the ring’ thought Inuyasha. Inuyasha Jumped as high as he could and kicked Tokajin with all of his strength. Knocking him out of the ring and everyone near the ring moved as fast as they could. Some almost got squashed by him. There was a snapping noise and Tokajin was motionless. Muso took the opportunity to strike Inuyasha he flew against the wall and cracked it.

Inuyasha” Tierra running to his side and started to heal him.

How pathetic Inuyasha” said Naraku “Being saved by a girl. I would die from shame.”

To bad you won’t die at all” said Mila checking on Inuyasha.

No one invited you” said Tierra.

I invited myself” said Mila.

Why don’t you get lost” said Tierra.

Enough” said Naraku he grabbed Inuyasha “Get out of my club. I’ll see you next time.”

Miroku helped Inuyasha out of the club.

Can you wait here?” asked Miroku “I have to make sure Tierra doesn’t kill her sister or the other way around.”

Naraku won’t let them kill each other” said Inuyasha “He wants Tierra around too much.”

You feel that” asked Miroku.

Vampires are in the city” said Inuyasha


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