Demon's, Monks and Priest

It's the modern day and Inuyasha and his friends attend High School. Demons and humans co-exist in this story full of twist and turns. So let's go to high school


28. Ties That Break

“Inuyasha wouldn’t do something like that” said Kagome.

“They have evidence against him” said Sango “I don’t think he did it either. But the only person who can say so is slipping into a coma.”

“Who is this Arianna person” asked Kagome.

“She’s Miroku’s sister” said Sango “She’s not much older then he is I think. She dose drugs every single day of her life. She’s Naraku’s favorite customer.”

“How could I not know this” said Kagome.

“Miroku’s just trying to protect her” said Sango “After there parent’s died she took it the hardest because she was in the back seat when her father lost control and drove off a bridge. It’s a miracle she survived. She’s the only reason Miroku’s not in a foster home.”

“But she’s a big time drug addict” said Kagome “how is that possible.”

“Like I said she’s a big customer of Naraku” said Sango “You can’t tell Miroku any of this he didn’t want you to know.”

“Why” asked Kagome.

“Probably because of the look on your face” said Sango “Its not her fault Kagome. I’m sure the drugs make it all go away until she stops then it all comes back.”


“The walls are closing in on me” said Inuyasha.

“Inuyasha stop acting like a child and stop that” said Inutaisho.

Sesshomaru walked in looking angrier then ever.

“What are you looking at” said Inuyasha.

Sesshomaru punched him. Inuyasha shot out of the window and an alarm went off.

“Sesshomaru” said Inutaisho “Don’t take another step.”

He stepped in front of him.

“Inuyasha” said Izayoi running outside.

“What the hell was that for” yelled Inuyasha.

“You think I would let you get away with it” said Sesshomaru.

“What the hell are you talking about” asked Inuyasha.

“Sesshomaru back off” said Inutaisho.

“You think he’s such a good son don’t you” said Sesshomaru “Well he’s not. She told me everything.”

“Who” asked Inuyasha.

“Arianna” said Sesshomaru “I know you got her pregnant and then left her like she was nothing.”

“What” yelled Izayoi.

“That’s not true” said Inutaisho.

“Oh its true” said Sesshomaru “She told me so herself. When he wouldn’t call her back. She told you and you said get lost. You moved on with Kikyo.”

‘What’ thought Inuyasha ‘She never told me that. Maybe that’s what she was trying to say and I blew her off.’

Inuyasha felt like lighting hit him instead of Sesshomaru.

‘But why would she and Sesshomaru get together’ thought Inuyasha.

Sesshomaru left as a police officer came up to the door.

“Is everything ok” asked the police officer.

“Yes everything is fine” said Inutaisho “Sorry it won’t happen again.”


“So do we have a deal” asked Naraku.

“First my sister” said Miroku “Then we’ll talk deals. Why do you even care.”

“Arianna is one of the best I ever had” said Naraku.

“You son of a bitch” said Miroku standing up.

Naraku pushed him back down.

“Shut up” said He said “Do we have a deal.”

“I’m not making any deals until I know Arianna’s ok” said Miroku.

Naraku pulled out his phone.

“Wake her up” he said he hung up “I’ll be right back. Stay here.”


“Are you ok to walk” asked Sango.

“I’m fine” said Kagome “My back is really stiff. Let’s go see Miroku.”

“I told him I would get him some good food” said Sango “Will you wait for me to get back.”

Kagome sat on the bed.

‘From the way Sango talked’ thought Kagome ‘She will blame it on Inuyasha because she hate’s him for some reason. But if she doesn’t wake up Inuyasha’s going to spend ten years in prison for attacking a human and attempted murder. I hope she put’s it aside and tells them he didn’t do it.’

“Kagome I brought you some lunch” said Her mom.

“Thanks” said Kagome “Where’s Sota.”

“He’s at school” said her mom.

“Hello” said Izayoi.

“Miss Takahashi what brig’s you here” asked Kagome.

“I’m here to See Miroku” she said “And I thought I would stop by. How are you doing.”

“I’m a little stiff but I’ll be fine” said Kagome.

“They’re going to keep her for a few day’s in case” said Kagome’s mom.

“I’ll see you soon” said Izayoi.

“Miss Takahashi” said A doctor.

“Yes” said Izayoi.

“Arianna Kazama is awake” said the doctor “She’s still pretty out of it but she might be able to tell you something.”

“Thank you” said Izayoi heading to Arianna’s room insisted.

“Tell them what I told you” said Naraku.

“Can I blame someone” asked Arianna.

“Who” asked Naraku.

“Who else” said Arianna.

“Arianna” said Izayoi “I’d like to ask you some question’s.”

“I’m not saying anything” said Arianna “I want lawyer.”

“For what” asked Izayoi.

“Could you stop moving” asked Arianna.

“I’ll be asking the questions” said a police officer walking into the room “What relationship do you have with her.”

“I’m her social worker” said Izayoi.

“That’s fine” said the police officer “Arianna Kazama I’m the detective working on your case. I need you to confirm it was Inuyasha Takahashi who attacked you.”

Arianna was trying to concentrate on his voice but everything was blurry and spinning,

“Arianna answer the question” said the police officer.

“My head is pounding” she said.

“Arianna is Inuyasha Takahashi the one who attacked you” asked the police officer.

Arianna passed out.

“I’m going to have to ask you to leave” said the doctor.

“I want answers” said The Police officer.

“She is unconscious” said the doctor “You need to leave now, No visitors except family.”

They left the room.

“How dare you” said Izayoi.

“If I did my research right you are Inuyasha’s mother” said the police officer “In other words you are too close to the case I’m working on.”

“Yes Inuyasha is my son” said Izayoi “But I have been her social worker for at least six months. You have no say over her.”

“Neither do you” said Naraku “At least not anymore.”

He walked right passed her and in to the room.

“You’ve been served” said a man that fallowed Naraku.

“Look like your present’s isn’t needed after all” said the police officer.


“They what” said Inutaisho.

“They dismissed the case” said Izayoi “Naraku must have pulled a lot of string’s. He has forty-eight hours to fine a family member 18 and older to be Miroku and Arianna’s legal guardian otherwise this paperwork is void.”

“What about Isabella” asked Inutaisho.

“We’ve been looking for her since she took off at the age of sixteen” said Izayoi “She didn’t even come back for her parent funeral I doubt she’ll come back now. I’m going to go to the store then I’ll be home.”

“I can just order out” said Inutaisho “It will save some trouble.”

“Ok I’ll be home soon” said Izayoi.

“Ok” said Inutaisho “I love you.”

“I love you too” said Izayoi and hung up the phone.

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