Demon's, Monks and Priest

It's the modern day and Inuyasha and his friends attend High School. Demons and humans co-exist in this story full of twist and turns. So let's go to high school


27. Ties That Bind

Kagome opened her eyes. Her mother was sleeping in a chair next to her bed. She sat up, she was in a hospital room.

“Kagome” said Inuyasha walking in “How are you feeling.”

“I have a really bad headache” said Kagome.

“Inuyasha” said Inutaisho walking in the room three police officers fallowed in after him “We need you to come out here.”

“What’s going” asked Inuyasha walking outside.

“You tell me” said Inutaisho “These police officers want to talk to you.”

“About what” asked Inuyasha.

“We need to take him down town Sir” said A police officer.

“I understand” said Inutaisho “Inuyasha go quietly.”

One of the police pulled out a pair of handcuffs.

“Is that really necessary” asked Inutaisho.

“Precaution” said A police officer “Inuyasha Takahashi your under arrest for the attacks on Arianna and Miroku Kazama.”

“What” said Inuyasha as one of the police officers put him in hand cuffs.

“You have the right to remain silent anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law” said the police officer “You have the right to an attorney if you cannot afford an attorney one will be appointed to you.”

“I didn’t do anything” said Inuyasha.

“Your lawyer will meet you down there” said Inutaisho.

“Let’s go” said the police officer.

They led the way out of the hospital.


“I didn’t do anything” said Inuyasha.

“That’s what they all say” said The police officer “We got your fingerprints at the scene, we also have video evidence of you hitting Arianna in the back of the head and the same with Miroku.”

“Miroku is my best friend” said Inuyasha.

“Arianna’s your ex-girlfriend” said the police officer.

“So” said Inuyasha.

“We also know that Kikyo Hoshina is your current girlfriend” he said typing something on the computer “My guess is you wanted revenge for what Arianna did to Kikyo last night after the fight.”

He turned a laptop around and Inuyasha seen Arianna latterly beating the hell out of Kikyo.

“I was at the hospital last night” said Inuyasha “I haven’t been with Kikyo for at least a year not that’s it’s any of your business. I didn’t know anything about this.”

“We also know that you and Miroku had a big argument last night before the fight” said the police officer “It was about Arianna you blamed her for what happened to your friend Kagome. Then a few hours later they’re both found knocked out just a few feet away from each other. You are on the surveillance camera.”

“Say nothing more” said someone walking in.

“You better hope your alibi checks outs” said The police officer “If not your going to spend a good ten years in prison for attacking a human. You know they might have bled to death if they weren’t found. So that adds attempted murder.  He can be released on house arrest.”


“Hay how are you feeling” asked Sango.

“Much better” said Miroku “I heard you were that us.”

“Yeah I did” said Sango “Have you heard anything about Arianna.”

“They refuse to let me go see her” said Miroku “One minute we’re arguing like we always are she walks away. I hear something hit the ground when I turn the corner she out cold on the ground and that’s it.”

“No one’s told you” said Sango.

“Told me what” asked Miroku “Sango what aren’t you telling me.”

“Inuyasha was arrested” said Sango “They said they had evidence that ties him to it. Video evidence and his fingerprints.”

“That’s ridicules Inuyasha would never do that to me” said Miroku.

“They have his fingerprint’s” said Sango “And a video of him doing it. That’s not the worst of it.”

“Then what is” asked Miroku.

“He has no alibi” said Sango “Arianna seen who it was the tape showed that but.”

“But what” asked Miroku “What’s wrong with her.”

“She’s in a coma” said Sango “They said she can wake up at anytime possibly but the longer she doesn’t the less likely it is.”

“So Inuyasha’s in jail” said Miroku.

“He’s on house arrest” said Sango “I have to go tell Kagome.”

“She’s awake” said Miroku.

“She woke just before he got arrested” said Sango “I’ll get you something to eat before I come back ok.”

“Ok” said Miroku.

He waited until she was gone then got up. His head felt like it was spinning.

“Lay back down if you know what’s good for you” said Naraku walking in.

“You” said Miroku “You did this.”

“No I did not” said Naraku.

“I find it hard to believe” said Miroku “Inuyasha refuse’s to fight. And Arianna and I end up in the hospital.”

“If It were up to me Inuyasha would be in your place” said Naraku shoving Miroku back to the bed making his head spin.

“What do you want” asked Miroku.

“We all know Arianna is the only one keeping you from going to a foster home” said Naraku.

“She’s failed every drug test they through at her” said Miroku.

“No she hasn’t” said Naraku “Do you really think you would still be here. You and I have a deal separate from Inuyasha. If you want your sister to wake anytime soon You’ll do what I say when I say it.”

“If I don’t” said Miroku.

“Then Arianna will stay like she is” said Naraku “Unless she get’s a will to wake up.”

“Stay away from her” said Miroku.

“I pay for everything” said Naraku “She and I signed a deal of our own but that’s between us. It wont take much to convince her to say she seen Inuyasha before she was attacked. So do we have a deal or not?”


“Hay Sango” said Kagome “Have you seen Inuyasha. His Dad came and got him and he never came back.”

“I don’t know how to tell you this Kagome” said Sango “So I’m just going to say it.”


“The alarm will sound if you take one more step” said Izayoi.

“I’m going crazy” said Inuyasha.

“Well you should have thought about that before your face showed up on a tape” said Izayoi.

“How many time’s do I have to say I didn’t do it” said Inuyasha “I was with Kagome all night.”

“No one can prove it” said Izayoi “I want to believe you didn’t do it. The evidence is against you. If Arianna wakes up and say’s you did or didn’t do it then it will all go out the window.”

“Arianna hates me” said Inuyasha.

“Like I said if she wakes up” said Izayoi “Now I have work to do. Miroku has to go to a foster home.”

“What” said Inuyasha.

“Arianna is unable to take care of him in a coma” said Izayoi “She can wake up at anytime but if she doesn’t. Sorry.”

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