Demon's, Monks and Priest

It's the modern day and Inuyasha and his friends attend High School. Demons and humans co-exist in this story full of twist and turns. So let's go to high school


24. The Truth Hurt's Worse Then A Lie

Kagome woke up with her head pounding. She heard voices close by. She couldn’t make out anything they were saying. She looked around the dark room it seemed to be empty.

“Are you sure” asked a voice.

“Seems a little insane if you ask me” said another.

“I understand you don’t think you’ll get paid” said Naraku’s voice.

“Will we” asked Irena “We’ve done what you’ve asked. We want to go home. We’ve been here longer then we wanted to be.”

“I believe I hired a group of assassins” said Naraku “Not a group of wieners.”

“How dare you” said Irena “We have done everything you asked us to do.”

“Yes but the Shikon Jewel is not in my hands is it” said Naraku “But what can I expect from a group of women.”

“You son of a-” said Irena

“Naraku” said Bankotsu’s voice “She’s awake.”

The door banged opened and light hit her and she was blinded.

“I should have known you were behind this” said Kagome.

“Tell me Kagome how’s your head” said Naraku “You made a mistake and I took advantage.”

“What are you talking about” asked Kagome.

“You really shouldn’t take something from someone you don’t know” said Naraku.

“What” said Kagome.

“Aspirin may not be what you expect it to be” said Naraku.

“I don’t know what your talking about” said Kagome.

“Your lying to yourself more then me” said Naraku “Hand over the Shikon Jewel and I’ll let you live.”

“You’re the only liar here” said Kagome “You will never get it.”

“Never say never” said Naraku.         

“Why” said Kagome.

“Never can happen” said Naraku.

“Inuyasha will come and get me” said Kagome.

“You seem sure of that” said Naraku “Your too stupid to know anything.”

Naraku left.

Kagome sat straight up.

“That was a messed up dream” she said.

She got up closed her window and went to the bathroom. When she looked at the clock it was almost four.

“Kagome are you home” yelled Inuyasha banging on the door “Kagome.”

Kagome ignored him and went back to her room laid down and closed her eyes. She was hoping to fall asleep before he tried her window.

“Hay Kagome” said Inuyasha knocking on the window.

Kagome ignored him trying to go back to sleep. She heard her window sliding up.

Inuyasha climbed in almost falling over.

‘Is she sleeping or ignoring me’ thought Inuyasha “Hay Kagome.”

“Go away mom” said Kagome “I don’t feel good call the school for me.”

“Ok” said Inuyasha ‘She must not feel well at all.’

“Kagome are you awake” asked her mom opening the door.

Inuyasha hid under the bed.

“Kagome” said Her mom “It’s time for dinner. Do you feel well enough to eat.”

“I’ll be down in a minute” said Kagome tuning over and going back to sleep.

“I’ll just put some in the frig for you” said Her mom covering he back up.

She left the room closing the door behind her.

“Kagome” said Inuyasha “Hay wake up.”

Kagome didn’t wake up. So Inuyasha Pulled out his phone and called Miroku.

“Hello” said Arianna.

“Is Miroku there” asked Inuyasha.

“Hello” said Miroku.

“That was fast” said Inuyasha.

“Yeah she got to the phone before me” said Miroku “She’s waiting for a call.”

“So hurry up” yelled Arianna.

“Hay I’m at Kagome’s she won’t wake up” said Inuyasha.

“Well the after effect’s of whatever she took could be that she didn’t sleep much” said Miroku “Or she didn’t sleep at all. Arianna can sleep for hour’s at a time. The longest she slept for was eighteen hours.”

“That helps” said Inuyasha.

“Well she’ll wake up when it completely wears off” said Miroku. 

“Ok” said Inuyasha.

“Get off the phone” yelled Arianna.

“I’ll let you go” said Inuyasha.

“Hay one more thing” said Miroku “Can I crash at your place tonight.”

“Yeah sure” said Inuyasha “See you later.”

“Bye” said Miroku hanging up.

Inuyasha sat down on the floor.


Kagome woke up the next morning feeling stiff she kicked something as she she started to get out of bed.

“Ow” said Inuyasha.

“Inuyasha” said Kagome “What are you doing here.”

“I was worried about you” said Inuyasha getting up “You didn’t come back to school.”

“Oh sorry” said Kagome “I was just so tired. I feel much better now.”

“Ok” said Inuyasha unconvinced.

“It’s almost seven” said Kagome “I’m going to go take a shower. And I’ll meet you at school.”

“Ok” said Inuyasha climbing out the window.

Kagome grabbed her stuff and went into her bathroom and turned on the water.

“That feels so much” said Kagome drying her hair as she walked downstairs.

“Are you feeling better dear” asked her mom.

“Much” said Kagome.

Her mom put some toast on the table as Kagome Sat down.

“Where were you last night you never came home” said Izayoi “You never called.”

“Sorry” said Inuyasha “I was at Miroku’s and I guess I passed out over there.”

“Next time call” said Inutaisho.

“I got to go” said Inuyasha looking at the clock.

“I’ll give you a ride” said Inutaisho.

‘I’m so not going to like this’ thought Inuyasha as his phone vibrated.

Inutaisho walked with him to the door kissed Izayoi goodbye and picked up Rin and walked to the car.

“Inuyasha if your going to lie you need to do a better job” said Inutaisho “So where were you really.”

“I fell asleep at Kagome’s house” said Inuyasha “Don’t give me that look dad. It wasn’t intentional. She hasn’t been feeling well and I was waiting for her to wake up.”

“Now that I believe” said Inutaisho “When you get home apologize to your mother.”

“Ok” said Inuyasha.

He stopped at the high school.

“Have a nice day” said Inutaisho.

Inuyasha got out and walked over to Miroku.

“What happened to you” asked Inuyasha looking at the red mark on Miroku’s face.

“Sango slapped me” said Miroku.

“What for” asked Inuyasha “Never mind I already know.”

“Hay is Kagome feeling better” asked Miroku.

“Yeah I think so” said Inuyasha “She said she was fine this morning. Will she be back to normal today?”

“I hope so” said Miroku “Naraku called me this morning said you wouldn’t answer your phone. You better call him back. He’s not happy at all.”

“Would an I’m sorry my dad caught me in a lie work” asked Inuyasha.

“Probably not” said Miroku.

“Didn’t think so” said Inuyasha pulling out his phone.

“If you ever ignore my calls again I’m going to make you regret it” said Naraku “You have a fight tomorrow be there on time.”

He hung up.

“Well hello to you too” said Inuyasha.

“How mad was he” asked Miroku.

“As mad as ever we have a fight tonight” said Inuyasha.

Arianna shoved both of them aside.

“What’s your problem” said Inuyasha.

“Don’t” said Miroku “She’s been in a bad mood ever since she missed that call. She’s going to go for blood if you keep it up.”

She walked away.

“What was so important about that call anyway” asked Inuyasha.

“Don’t know all I know is it was important” said Miroku “let’s get to class.”

Kagome sat in homeroom next to Sango.

“Hi Kagome” said Tierra sitting down.

“Hi” said Kagome.

“Hay you want some” asked Meela

“No thanks” said Kagome ‘The last time I took something from you I got a major headache.’

She turned her attention to the front of the room.

They looked unsalted but they seemed to get over it.

When the bell rang Kagome walked to her English class with Sango.

AS the day went on she felt like it was something she done before. As she walked home with Inuyasha she seen Miroku arguing with a girl she hadn’t met before. She walked to a car leaving Miroku looking like he was hit in the face. Kagome seen the person in the drivers set from the corner of her eye and it looked like Naraku.

“Inuyasha is everything ok” asked Kagome.

“Fine” said Inuyasha “Why do you ask.”

“Well I feel like you’ve been avoiding me lately” said Kagome.

“You’re the who’s been inside your own head” said Inuyasha “Hay are you feeling more like yourself you didn’t eat anything for lunch.”

“I feel fine” said Kagome.

“If you say so” said Inuyasha ‘thought this would be over by now.’

“I figured out how I got that headache the other day” said Kagome.

“Really how” asked Inuyasha.

“Well I remember Tierra and Mila giving me some candy or something” said Kagome “It tasted off so I threw it away but after that I got a really big headache.”

‘How did I know it was them’ thought Inuyasha ‘when I see them again they’re going o be really sorry for it.’

“Inuyasha are you ok” asked Kagome.

“Yeah fine” said Inuyasha.

“Can I ask you something” asked Kagome “And you answer me truthfully.”

“Yeah” said Inuyasha.

“Is Tierra and Mila working for Naraku” asked Kagome.

“I can’t answer that” said Inuyasha.

“You said you would answer any thing” said Kagome “So answer it.”

“Yes” said Inuyasha “They work for Naraku. And so dose Kikyo and Tsubaki. They went from friends to you enemies, and worse then that Tierra has the Shikon Jewel.”

“No she doesn’t” said Kagome “Her dad gave it back to me.”

“Her dad didn’t know she had it” said Inuyasha “she had to be the one to give it back. She probably got tired of Naraku putting a target on her back. Sorry Kagome Naraku knows you have it now. He’ll come after you again.”

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