Demon's, Monks and Priest

It's the modern day and Inuyasha and his friends attend High School. Demons and humans co-exist in this story full of twist and turns. So let's go to high school


26. The Shikon Jewel and Kagome’s soul, back to the past

Kagome heard a fight below she was hiding behind a stack of boxes. Her phone rang she answered it.

“Hello” she said.

“Kagome” said Inuyasha “where are you.”

“Naraku’s and someone named Ryukotsusei are fighting by my family shrine” said Kagome.

“Not anymore” said Inuyasha “Naraku killed him. He’s gone he won’t bother you anymore. But that’s only one down there’s more people that will come for the Jewel. Why didn’t you tell me you got it back.”

“Inuyasha please hurry” said Kagome when she heard something outside she put the phone down.

“She has to be around here somewhere” said Bankotsu.

Kagome crawled out of a hole in the back of the store house.

‘What am I going to do’ thought Kagome ‘if they get there hands on me they’ll get the jewel. How can I protect the jewel without taking it off.’

Someone grabbed her and drug her out.

“Kagome” yelled her mom.

She was stopped in her tacks by Suikotsu.

“Now hand over the Jewel” said Naraku.

Three girls stepped forward and grabbed her. The Shikon Jewel glowed The girls let her go as the light enveloped her.

“It feels like the sun” said One of them.

The light grew brighter The three girl turned into dust.

“Kagome” yelled Inuyasha.

The Shikon Jewel entered Kagome’s body.

“Inuyasha” said Kagome. The light grew brighter and Kagome passed out.

“Kagome” said a voice she didn’t recognize.

“Who is that” asked Kagome.

“I am Midoriko” she said “We are inside the Shikon Jewel. The Jewel has entered your body and become one with your soul.”

“What” said Kagome sitting up she was in a forest.

“Like your father before you, you give your life to protect the Shikon Jewel” said Midoriko “But his life was ended. I’m sorry.”

“I know Naraku killed him” said Kagome.

“So you don’t remember” said Midoriko “Think back to when you were a little girl. Think back to the night you lost your father. You were there.”

The memory was fuzzy but it came to her.

“So many demons after the Jewel” said Kagome’s father covering a box with sacred seals “Miss Kaede Please take this and hide it for me. The seals will keep it hidden form any evil. Naraku, Ryukotsusei, the Four War Gods and so many others. I fear Kagome will have to bear this on her own.”

“Daddy look I made a picture of you” said Kagome she held up a picture “Here take it.”

“Thank you Kagome” said her father.

“Rest assured the Jewel will be safe with me” said Kaede putting it away.

“Thank you” said her father.

Kaede left. He picked up the phone.

“Can you come over now” asked he asked someone on the phone “Kagome is the only one home. I’ll see you soon.”

Someone started banging on the door.

“Kagome Go hide” said Her dad.

Kagome ran into the other room.

“Ryukotsusei” he said as the door hit the ground.

“You have one chance to hand over the Jewel” said Ryukotsusei.


“I wish she would wake up already” said Inuyasha.

“I’m not sure how long she might be out” said The doctor “But the longer it is the more likely it will be for her to slip into a coma.”

“Thanks doctor” said Izayoi as the doctor left “Inuyasha I have to go pick up Rin. I’ll be back soon.”

“Ok” said Inuyasha.

“Hello Miss Takahashi” said Miroku walking in.

“Hello Miroku” said Izayoi as she walked out.

Miroku made sure she was gone.

“Naraku’s furious” said Miroku.

“Who care’s” said Inuyasha.

“We should” said Miroku “You canceled the fight so you didn’t have to leave Kagome’s side.”

“I’m sure he will get over it” said Inuyasha.

“He found two other fighters” said Miroku.

“Who” asked Inuyasha.

“I don’t know” said Miroku.

“I heard what Arianna did to Kikyo” said Inuyasha “If you ask me, Arianna’s still out for blood.”

“Yeah” said Miroku “I don’t think she would take it that far.”

“I do” said Inuyasha “Kikyo’s been going at her for almost a year now. It’s far from over. She probably asked Naraku for a favor.”

“I don’t think she would take it that far” said Miroku “But she’s been acting different for some unknown reason.”

“What did she take” asked Inuyasha “I think this is partly her fault.”

“Why” demanded Miroku.

“She’s the one who gave those pills to Kagome” said Inuyasha.

“You don’t know that” said Miroku.

“Yes I do know that” said Inuyasha “Those things last over a month in your system. The first two day’s are the worst for someone who hasn’t done it as long.”

“Do you have any proof” asked Miroku getting defensive.

“No” said Inuyasha “I don’t need proof.”

“You can’t go accusing people without proof” said Miroku.

“Why are you protecting her” yelled Inuyasha standing up.

“Because she’s my sister” said Miroku “You would do the same thing if it were Sesshomaru or Rin you know you would so don’t try and say you wouldn’t.”

“After everything she’s done” said Inuyasha “Everything she’s put you through your going to  protect her after all of that.”

“Yes” said Miroku.

“If I see her” said Inuyasha.

“You’ll do nothing” said Miroku “It will be a cold day in hell before you touch her. You’ll have to get passed me.”

Miroku turned around and left. Arianna was hiding on the other side of the wall listening to their conversation.


Kagome’s father raised his hand to protect himself but stopped dead. Ryukotsei stabbed him in the stomach.

“You had your chance” He said “Now you can die.”

He fell to the floor. Someone smashed through the window and Ryukotsei flu backwards. Naraku stood there like he did this every day.

“Well” said Naraku “Now it’s your turn.”

“You can’t kill me” said Ryukotsusei.

“Won’t stop me from trying” said Naraku.

He jumped to avoid Ryukotsusei's attack. He kicked him and he flew through the window. Naraku bent down and grabbed Kagome’s dad by the shirt.

“Where’s the Jewel” asked Naraku.

“You’ll never find it” said Kagome’s father “You’ll never get it either.”

“Never say never” said Naraku.

Naraku left him there. He looked at Kagome before he walked out the door.

“Kyonotsei” said Inutaisho running into the house.

“Take care of Kagome” he said.

“Your going to be alright” said Inutaisho.

“Promise me” said Kyonotsei grabbing Inutaisho hand.

“I promise” said Inutaisho.

Kagome’s father closed his eyes and lay there motionless.

“Daddy” yelled Kagome.

Inutaisho grabbed her before she got to close.


“Are you happy now” asked Miroku.

“She got what she deserved” said Arianna.

“Right you couldn’t have walked away” said Miroku.

“I always walked away” said Arianna.

“I can’t keep defending you” said Miroku.

“No one asked you to” said Arianna she walked away.

She hit the ground after she turned the corner.

“Arianna” said Miroku running after her “Oh my god.”

Someone hit him from behind.

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