Demon's, Monks and Priest

It's the modern day and Inuyasha and his friends attend High School. Demons and humans co-exist in this story full of twist and turns. So let's go to high school


21. The Night of the New Moon

“What do you mean they broke it” said Kagome.

“They broke it and got rid of everything but a small piece” said Inuyasha “I don’t know if they were telling the truth. But it’s not something Tierra would lie about.”

“She lies about a lot of stuff” said Kagome.

“Like what” asked Inuyasha.

“A lot of stuff” said Kagome.

“Like” asked Inuyasha “I wouldn’t guess at thing’s you don’t know. In her eyes The Shikon Jewel is there family Jewel. Tierra won’t hand it over to anyone. Her dad said you could protect it, only because he thought Tierra wouldn’t want it. He wasn’t going to bring it just in case she would. The Jewel is rightfully her in their eyes.”

“Oh” said Kagome “Hay her dad can make them give it back right. I don’t think they would break their Family Jewel.”

“There dad can’t make them do anything” said Inuyasha laughing.

“What’s so funny” said Kagome.

“The site of St. Hakushine trying to make them do something they don’t want to do” said Inuyasha “Everyone knows you can’t make a teenager do anything unless they love rules. I don’t see them fallowing many rules. They get after school detention all the time. For what I don’t know, it’s a mystery, They don’t always show up either. Maybe that’s why Kagura don’t like dealing with them.”

“Speaking of Kagura” said Kagome “What’s her relationship with Naraku.”

“That’s simple” said Inuyasha “They’re sibling’s. I didn’t think they liked each other but I don’t know much about it.”

“Oh” said Kagome.

“The killing’s continue” said a reporter on the T.V “No one knows why this is happening. The police believe it’s the work of a professional, there has been no evidence at any of the crime scenes. The Police Chief believes that there is more then one, all five victims were killed in five different ways.”

“We are doing our best to find these murders” said The Police Chief “We have no leads, nothing to go on. We are hoping there are no more victims, but at this time we cannot be sure.”

“Thanks Chief” said The Reporter “Back to you.”

“The vampire problem is increasing” said another reporter “The police are baffled that vampires would come into the city. Vampires live by their own law’s and there are more then ten covens of vampires in Japan alone and many more all over the world. These simple steps will ensure your family’s safety. One don’t let anyone into your home you do not know, once a vampire is invited in they can come and go as they please. Garlic does not work. Be very careful when you walk at night and never walk alone. That concludes our news at five we’ll see you again at six.”

“I have to go” said Inuyasha “If I’m not home by six my dad’s going to kill me.”

“Ok” said Kagome “I’ll see you later.”

Inuyasha left and went home.



“Inuyasha” said Izayoi “Come out.”

“No” said Inuyasha.

“We’re all family here” said Izayoi “You don’t have to hide in there. It’s not like I haven’t seen you like that before.”

“I’m not coming out” said Inuyasha “go away.”

“Fine” said Izayoi “dinner is in ten minutes either you come down or you don’t eat.”

“I’m not hungry” said Inuyasha.

Izayoi went back downstairs.

“Is he coming down” asked Inutaisho.

“No he said he wasn’t hungry” said Izayoi.

Rin was coloring a picture she drew. Sesshomaru was sitting in the next room watching T.V.

“What do you think so far” asked Rin holding it up.

“Who is it” asked Inutaisho.

“I don’t it just popped into my head” said Rin.

“Rin put that away” said Izayoi “Will you set the table.”

“Yes” said Rin getting up and putting her picture on the counter and opening a drawer and grabbing chopsticks and napkins.

“Inuyasha are you coming down or not” yelled Izayoi.

“No” yelled Inuyasha.

His room was completely dark no one could see in the window  or out of it. He turned on the light and took out the Hakushine journal. This time he read the whole thing.

Mika seed to be evil and compassionate at the same time. It was a miracle that she kept herself alive as long as she did. She was almost completely evil. It was like she was struggling with herself, but all of that seemed to change when she gave birth.

Inuyasha took out another journal. This time it was his family’s journal.

‘I seen the most beautiful women today. She was human not what I would want in someone. But I still couldn’t help but to watch her. I know she was taken because she had a young child with her. They walking to town to get supplies. The entire time she was here she was looking over her shoulder, like she was waiting for someone to attack at any time.’

“This guy needs to get a life” said Inuyasha flipping to another page.

‘The women I seen the other day in the village was a priestess. I wouldn’t have known just by looking at her. I seen the fight between her and her brother. He won the fight by taking her life. It looked like he regretted it afterwards. I will never understand the human mind. But my father married a human to have that half demon. Her last words are still ringing in my head. I don’t see how a human could come back from the dead even if some manages to break the seal placed on her. The young child I seen her with wasn’t far away. She left with him after he buried her.’

“This guy was full of himself” said Inuyasha.

“My younger brother and his friends keep getting in my way. They search for the Shikon Jewel I search for the women who posses it. She is the one who murder my closest friend. I care not for that jewel. But I will take the life of the one who killed my best friend.’

“This guy needed to be locked up somewhere” said Inuyasha “He completely lost it. All eyes on one woman who was killed by her brother. Why was he so obsessed with her. It looks like he actually knew her but didn’t write it down.”

“Inuyasha Telephone” said Inutaisho.

Inuyasha picked up the phone.

“I got it dad” said Inuyasha “Hello.”

“Hay Inuyasha” said Miroku.

“What do you want” asked Inuyasha.

“I need a small favor” said Miroku.

“Not tonight” said Inuyasha.

“Oh Right” said Miroku “Tomorrow then. My sister’s on a drug haze.”

“She’s always on a drug haze” said Inuyasha.

“Anyway I need you to help me get rid of all of her drugs” said Miroku.

“And have her come after me” said Inuyasha.

“She’ll come after me before anyone else” said Miroku.

“You said that last time” said Inuyasha.

“Well I thought if I made her think she took what she wanted she would notice” said Miroku “But I didn’t realize she waited until it was gone to take another one.”

“Are you sure that’s a good idea” asked Inuyasha.

“She gets her drugs from Naraku of course I’m sure” said Miroku “I thought it would be over by now you know.”

“It’s been six months Miroku” said Inuyasha “Some people don’t get over it.”

“I know but” said Miroku “I watch her destroy her life every second of everyday even when I’m not there. She needs help.”

“No she needs two years of rehab” said Inuyasha.

“I cant send her away” said Miroku “She’s all I really got left.”

“Minus the drugs and you got yourself a good sister” said Inuyasha.

“She wasn’t like this before you know that” said Miroku.

“Yeah she used to have a life” said Inuyasha.

“I don’t know what I can do anymore” said Miroku.

“Well breaks almost over” said Inuyasha “Try tomorrow at School.”

“I never seen the point in fall break” said Miroku “It’s two day’s off and a weekend.”

“Teacher conferences” said Inuyasha.

“So when are you going to tell your parent’s about parent teacher night” asked Miroku.

“Inuyasha light’s out in ten” said Inutaisho.

“Ok” said Inuyasha.

“Why bother turning the light’s out” asked Miroku “You just lay there anyway.”

“He doesn’t know that” said Inuyasha.

“Well I got to go” said Miroku “Arianna wants to use the phone.”

“Hurry up” Arianna yelled.

“I got to go see you tomorrow” said Miroku.

“Bye” said Inuyasha

The line went dead.

“Lights out Inuyasha” said Inutaisho knocking on the door.

“Ok” said Inuyasha

Miroku picked up the phone to listen.

“Hello” said Bankotsu.

“It’s Arianna” said Arianna.

“My favorite customer” said Bankotsu “Don’t tell me you went through that already.”

“My brother hid it somewhere” said Arianna “Do you have any.”

“I don’t” said Bankotsu.

‘Thank god’ thought Miroku.

“But I can call Naraku and see if he has any” said Bankotsu

“Ok” said Arianna.

“I’ll call you back” said Bankotsu “Don’t go crazy if he doesn’t have any. He might have something else you can try. You’ll have to go get it if he dose.”

“Ok” said Arianna.

“Call you right back” said Bankotsu.

They hung up.

‘I guess I shouldn’t have hid it’ thought Miroku he watched as Arianna couldn’t sit still while waiting for the phone to ring ‘I should have just taken her money. She wouldn’t have been able to get more.’

The phone rang they both picked it up.

“Hello” said Arianna.

“He doesn’t have what you want” said Bankotsu “But he’s got something else. I think you’ll like it.”

“How much” asked Arianna.

“A thousand yen per pill” said Bankotsu.

“That’s a lot of money” said Arianna.

“It’s worth it” said Bankotsu.

“I only have half” said Arianna.

“I don’t know if he will work with you on it” said Bankotsu “But I think half of a pill will be all you need for the next few days. Are you going. I have to let him know.”

“Yeah I’ll be there in twenty minutes” said Arianna.

“I’ll let him know” said Bankotsu hanging up.

Arianna grabbed her coat and her money.

“Where are you going” asked Miroku.

“For a walk” she said hurrying out the door.

‘I wish you wouldn’t go’ thought Miroku.

Inuyasha laid in bed awake the rest of the night.

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