Demon's, Monks and Priest

It's the modern day and Inuyasha and his friends attend High School. Demons and humans co-exist in this story full of twist and turns. So let's go to high school


11. The After Effect

Kagome I want some answer’s” said Inuyasha.

It was Tsubaki’s idea” said Kagome as Inuyasha carried her “At first only she Kikyo, Tierra and Sango were going to get in but then Tsubaki called Naraku and he let us all in. What’s going on with Tierra and Naraku?”

I don’t know what you’re talking about” said Inuyasha.

She told him no and then he slammed her against the wall” said Kagome “He said he was going to kill her.”

Miroku looked at Inuyasha for a second. They got to Miroku’s and Inuyasha laid Kagome on one of the beds in Miroku’s room.

Do you have anything to drink” asked Kagome.

I’ll get it” said Inuyasha leaving the room “Hay Miroku where are your glasses.”

Miroku left the room to show him.

Here give this to her” said Miroku.

What is it” asked Inuyasha.

It’s my sisters” said Miroku “It makes you forget everything about the night before.”

Is it safe” asked Inuyasha “It’s one of Naraku’s drugs.”

I know but do you know how Kagome will treat Tierra if she remembers what she seen” said Miroku.

I know” said Inuyasha “But Kagome was drinking is it safe.”

Yes” said Miroku.

Inuyasha put it in the glass it dissolved quickly. Inuyasha made Kagome drink it all before letting her go to sleep.

Now what” asked Inuyasha.

We wait until morning” said Miroku.


Kagome woke up the next morning with a headache and a hangover. She looked around the room she didn’t recognize it at first. But then realized she was in Miroku’s room. How did she get there.

Hay your awake” said Inuyasha.

How did I get here” she asked.

You called me to come and get you” said Inuyasha “You should put a limit on your drinking Kagome you couldn’t even walk.”

I cant remember anything” said Kagome.

That’s what happens when you drink like that” said Inuyasha.

Oh” said Kagome getting up “Will you take me home.”

Yeah” said Inuyasha helping her up.

Inuyasha looked behind him a few times.

Is something wrong” asked Kagome.

No nothing’s wrong” said Inuyasha.

They walked up the steps to Kagome’s house. Inuyasha Had a bad feeling about something. Tierra was waiting at the top of the step’s for them.

Tierra what are you doing here” asked Kagome.

I came to see if you were ok” she said “You disappeared last night. I wanted to make sure you were ok.”

I’m fine thanks” said Kagome “I need to go take a shower I’ll see you later.”

Kagome went inside.

You don’t care what happens to Kagome do you” asked Inuyasha “Naraku sent you didn’t he.”

No one sent me anywhere” said Tierra I’ll see you later.”

What deal do you have going on with Naraku” asked Inuyasha.

What deal do you have with him Inuyasha” asked Tierra “What your deal? What do you do for Naraku, Hmm, Let’s hear it Inuyasha.”

That’s different” said Inuyasha “I can defend myself.”

So can I” said Tierra “I know I’ll see you later.”

You know about that” said Inuyasha.

Yeah I do” said Tierra.

How do you know about that” asked Inuyasha.

Naraku told me” said Tierra she walked away.

Hay wait a minute” yelled Inuyasha fallowing after her.


Sango are you home” asked Miroku knocking on the door “Hello Sango.”

Sango was laying on her bed with tears in her eyes ignoring Miroku. She covered her head.

Sango did I do something wrong” yelled Miroku “Please let me know so I can change it. Sango please talk to me.”

Go away” yelled Sango.

Sango please talk to me” yelled Miroku the door opened and her father came out “Hello Mr. Blake.”

Are you the one who hurt my daughter” he asked.

No” said Miroku “I would never hurt Sango I don’t even know what’s going on.”

Then why is she crying” asked Mr. Blake “The only one who has ever made her cry is you. Now get out of here before I have you removed.”

He slammed the door in his face. Miroku started walking to Inuyasha’s house.

Inuyasha was sitting in the kitchen talking to Tierra.

I still don’t get it” said Inuyasha “I hate math.”

Someone knocked on the door.

Mom door” said Inuyasha.

Don’t strain yourself to answer it” Yelled Izayoi from the laundry room. Inutaisho got up and answered.

Hello Miroku” said Inutaisho.

Is Inuyasha here” asked Miroku.

Yes” said Inutaisho “Come on in. He’s in the kitchen.”

Thanks” said Miroku he seen Tierra “What did you do to Sango.”

I have no idea what your talking about” said Tierra.

Then why won’t she talk to me” asked Miroku “She was with you last night.”

She left before everyone else did” said Tierra “Maybe it’s our fault.”

I didn’t do anything” said Miroku “Tierra she was with you last I know you know more then what you’re saying.”

Sango was the first to leave” said Tierra “Then Kagome Left, I left after she did.”

You’re lying” said Miroku.

I am not” said Tierra.

Does this have anything with Tierra sneaking into Sesshomaru’s room last night” asked Inutaisho.

what” said Miroku “No.”

I don’t have to listen to this” said Tierra walking out the door.

Thanks Miroku” said Inuyasha “Now I can really pass math. She’s never going to talk to me again.”

She knows something” said Miroku.

She knows a lot” said Inuyasha “The only person I could get to help me with math and you piss her off.”

Inuyasha” said Inutaisho.

Sorry” said Inuyasha “What your deal Miroku.”

Noting I’ll go now” said Miroku.

I don’t think so you’re going to help me finish this” said Inuyasha “Since you made Tierra leave. Why are you so rude to her?”

I have to go” said Miroku leaving.

Hay get back here” yelled Inuyasha.

Don’t worry Inuyasha” said Sesshomaru “You could always try again next year.”

Shut up Sesshomaru” Yelled Inuyasha.

Hay that’s enough” said Inutaisho “In separate rooms now, and don’t talk to each other.”

Sesshomaru walk in the next room with Rin, who was trying to build something.

Dad I need your help” said Rin.

Be right there” said Inutaisho.

This isn’t fair” said Inuyasha.

That’s how it goes” said Inutaisho walking in the other room to help Rin. Inuyasha tried to do his math homework but he got irritated and got a calculator.

That’s cheating Inuyasha” said Izayoi.

You got a better idea” asked Inuyasha.

Call Tierra and ask her to come back” said Izayoi she started folding cloths.

She’s not going to come back mom” said Inuyasha “Miroku pissed her off.”

Inuyasha watch your mouth” said Izayoi.

Whatever” said Inuyasha closing his math book and going to his room.


Kagome was combing her hair as she walked back to her room. She sat down at her desk when her phone started to ring/

Hello” said Kagome “Hay Sango what’s wrong.”

I need your help” said Sango.

Do you want me to come over” asked Kagome.

No” said Sango it was clear she was crying “I think Miroku is cheating on me.”

What” said Kagome “Would he do that.”

Yes he would” said Sango “can you find out for me.”

Sure I can” said Kagome “Are you sure you don’t want me to come over.”

I’m sure” said Sango she hung up the phone.

Kagome got dressed and headed out the door. Kagome texted Miroku to find out where he was. He was at Tierra’s house. When Kagome started walking up the stairs she heard Miroku yelling, and Tierra yelling back It ended with a slam of a door.

Miroku what’s going on” asked Kagome.

Nothing” said Miroku going down the stairs.

Hay wait a minute I need to talk to you” said Kagome.

Kagome decided to go to the park. She sat there texting Inuyasha for awhile. Then she felt a demonic aura behind her, she froze.

Good you already know I’m here” said a cold voice.

Kagome didn’t want to look, she already knew who it was.

Let’s go for a little walk” said Naraku.

I’m not moving from this bench” said Kagome she felt his hand on her shoulder he squeezed it.

Let’s walk shall we” said Naraku Kagome slowly stood up and walked the way Naraku steered her.


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