Demon's, Monks and Priest

It's the modern day and Inuyasha and his friends attend High School. Demons and humans co-exist in this story full of twist and turns. So let's go to high school


9. Sota’s Birthday Party

When Saturday came Kagome was helping set up tables for Sota’s Birthday Party. Inuyasha arrived early with Rin.

Did you ever get her to the dentist?” asked Kagome.

Yeah my dad had to take her” said Inuyasha “she cried when they pulled her tooth out. She still upset about it but my dad took her out to eat after they got done. Her dentist said that the cake she took a bite of was for a demon.”

What kind of demon” asked Kagome “A sugar demon?”

Probably” said Inuyasha.

Hi Kagome” said Rin.

Hi Rin” said Kagome.

Hiten and his younger sister came next, Hiten refused to stay he left really fast. Sango and Kohaku walked up the stairs after Hiten left.

Hay Sango” said Kagome.

Hay Kagome” said Sango she held up “Where do I put this.”

On that table” said Kagome.

Thanks” said Sango.

Hay Miroku what are you doing here” asked Inuyasha.

Lady Kaede asked me to drop off Shippo” said Miroku as Shippo ran over to Sota “I thought you guys might need some help.”

Tierra and Hakudoshi walked up the stairs.

Hay Sota” yelled Hakudoshi “You’re going to love what I got you.”

Tierra started to walk down the stairs.

Hay Tierra” yelled Miroku “Aren’t you going to stay.”

My dad said all I had to was drop him off” she said “I’m not staying anywhere with you losers.”

Losers” said Inuyasha as she walked back down the stairs.

That’s what you get for grabbing her like that” said Miroku “You left a red mark on wrist.”

You grabbed her wrist” said Kagome.

I was trying to talk to her but she kept walking” said Inuyasha.

You don’t just grab someone if they don’t want to talk to you then you leave them alone” said Sango “Are you stupid?”

I thought she broke her wrist” said Kagome.

It was” said Miroku “Tierra can heal herself as well as someone else. It’s good in a tight spot. All the hospital had to do was set it and the next morning it was fine.”

Wow that’s sound like a good gift” said Kagome “Who wouldn’t want something like that.”

Me” said Miroku “She can heal quickly yes, but it makes her a target. A big Target.”

Oh” said Kagome.

As long as she stays away from Naraku he can’t touch her” said Miroku.

Like he doesn’t already know she has it” said Inuyasha.

And how would you know that” asked Kagome.

I grew up with her Kagome” said Inuyasha “ I know a lot about her.”

So what’s her dirty little secret” asked Kagome.

What dirty little secret” asked Inuyasha.

Everyone has a secret” said Kagome Sango had a strange look on her face “Something wrong Sango.”

Kagome it’s time to start the games” said Kagome’s mom.

We’ll be right there” said Kagome.

Sango are you ok” asked Miroku.

Yeah I’m fine just a little tired is all” said Sango.

Why don’t you go on home and I’ll look after Kohaku” said Miroku.

No I cant leave him” said Sango.

Sango you look like your going to pass out” said Miroku “Go home I’ll bring Kohaku home after the party.”

Are you sure” asked Sango.

I’m sure” said Miroku.

I’ll see you later” said Sango walking down the stairs.

Where’s Sango going” asked Inuyasha.

She’s going home to rest” said Miroku.

She’s been acting strange” said Inuyasha.

Do you think she’s cheating on me” asked Miroku.

It would be payback if she is” said Inuyasha “Who are you cheating on her with.”

No one anymore” said Miroku “I broke it off with her.”

What are you going to do if Sango finds out if she hasn’t already” asked Inuyasha.

Nothing” said Miroku “No use trying to deny it either. What would you do if Kagome was cheating on you?”

It’s not like that” said Inuyasha.

It’s exactly like that Inuyasha” said Miroku “I’m not blind you two like each other weather you admit it or not.”

I would know if I liked someone” said Inuyasha.

The way you liked Kikyo” said Miroku “I haven’t told Kagome and I wont but you need to.”

Kikyo and I are in the past” said Inuyasha “Those two are friends I don’t want to ruin it.”

Yeah right it’s written all over your face Inuyasha” said Miroku.

What are you talking about” asked Inuyasha.

You cant stand the thought if Kagome found out about you and Kikyo and hated you for not telling her about it” said Miroku.

I would not you don’t know what your talking about” said Inuyasha.

I’m right and you know it” said Miroku.

Whatever” said Inuyasha “You’re the cheater not me.”

Sign here” said Naraku pointing to a line “And sign there.”
“If I sign this” said Sango “How do I know that you’ll keep your side of the deal.”

Do you plan on changing your mind” asked Naraku.

No” said Sango.

Then you have nothing to worry about do you” said Naraku “Sign it or no deal.”

You never told me the deal” said Sango putting the pen down.

I thought I did” said Naraku.

I’m not Tsubaki I won’t do just anything” said Sango.

I know that” said Naraku “But even Tsubaki has lines. You want something from me not the other way around. Sign it.”

No” said Sango “I want to know what I’m signing.”

Then read it” said Naraku “You do know how to read don’t you.”

Yes I know how to read” said Sango picking up the paper “I don’t think so.”

Then you get nothing” said Naraku.

It’s just a lone and I have a job” said Sango “I can pay you back next week.”

All at once” said Naraku.

No” said Sango “Not all at once.”

Too bad then” said Naraku.

But I can finish paying you back two weeks after that” said Sango.

Forgive me for not being that patient” said Naraku “Go with my deal and I would be that patient. This paper stats that you will pay me back if not then you will work off your debt, as you say like Tsubaki.”

I won’t sign it” said Sango.

Then get out of my office” said Naraku “We have nothing else to speak about.”

Sango stood up and left.

Come back when you change your mind” said Naraku “I know you will.”

Sango left his office and walked into Tierra, Tsubaki and Kikyo.

Hay Sango” said Kikyo.

Hay” said Sango.

What were you doing in Naraku’s Office” asked Tsubaki.

Trying to get a lone” said Sango “What are you guys doing here.”

Tsubaki’s going to try to get the night off” said Tierra.

Did you get the night off” asked Sango.

I quit” said Tierra.

I’ll be right back” said Tsubaki going inside.

Why do you need a lone?” asked Kikyo “Don’t have any money for tonight.”

That and everything else” said Sango “My dad cut my allowance in half, so now I have no money for anything.”

Why didn’t you ask me” asked Tierra “I will lend you the money and you can pay me back when you can.”

What were you thinking” asked Kikyo “Are you crazy. Only crazy people ask Naraku for money and cant pay it back when he wants them to.”

Say’s a person who owes him money” said Tierra.

Why did you bring that up” asked Kikyo.

Hay Kikyo Naraku wants to talk to you” said Tsubaki coming out.

This might take awhile” said Kikyo “Go on a head without me.”

See you” said Tsubaki walking away as Kikyo went inside.

Walk with” said Tierra “What were you thinking Sango.”

I know you get money from Naraku all the time do you have to pay him back” asked Sango.

Only if I don’t keep my end of the deal” said Tierra.

What do you usually deal with him about” asked Sango.

Sota waved goodbye to his friends as they left.

I thought that would never end” said Inuyasha as Rin, Sota, Shippo, Hakudoshi and Kohaku got another piece of cake.

Me too that was too long” said Miroku.

It wasn’t that bad” said Kagome.

Oh yeah” said Inuyasha “Hiten didn’t tell his little sister to hit you with lightning every time you said something did he.”

No” said Kagome she held Jin for awhile “Don’t forget you get Jin tonight.”

What” said Inuyasha.

I had him last night” said Kagome “It’s your turn.”

You just want to go out with your friends” said Inuyasha.

It doesn’t mater cause it’s your turn to have him” said Kagome giving him the baby.

This sucks” said Inuyasha as Kagome walked inside.

Hay ask your mom if you can stay the night with me” said Miroku.

Why” asked Inuyasha.

Just do it” said Miroku “I’ll fill you in later.”

Ok” said Inuyasha “But she’s going to tell me to ask my dad though. He usually say’s no.”

I’ll call Mushin” said Miroku.

What do you have up your sleeve” asked Inuyasha.

You’ll find out” said Miroku.

Hakudoshi” said Tierra getting up the last of the steps, Sango Right behind her “It’s time to go.”

Kohaku let’s go” said Sango.

Cant I stay a little longer” asked Kohaku.

No come on I have to get ready for tonight” said Sango “I have to be at Tsubaki’s at seven.”

No fair” said Kohaku.

Let’s go” said Sango.

See you later” said Kohaku as he and Hakudoshi walked down the steps with Tierra and Sango.

I thought we were losers” said Inuyasha.

She meant you” said Miroku.

Oh” said Inuyasha.

Hay Mom” said Kagome “I’ll help you Clean up and then head over to Tsubaki’s.”

Ok” said her mom.

Let’s help Kagome clean up” said Miroku.

Ok” said Inuyasha “We got to hurry though. My mom wants Rin home by dinner.”

We got an hour and a half” said Miroku.

Come on guys we need to hurry” said Kagome “Sota take the dish’s in to the kitchen.”

Ok” said Sota.

I’ll help to” said Rin helping Sota.

Ok” said Kagome pulling out a trash bag and they started picking everything up. It took a half hour to finish everything.

Inuyasha took Rin home and then had to go ask his dad if he could stay the night with Miroku. His mother told him to ask his dad like always.

Kagome was getting a bag together for the night and the next day, She called Tsubaki and then headed over to her house.

Hay Kagome” said Tsubaki opening the door “Tierra and Sango said they will meet us there. Unless they finish what they’re doing. I’m ordering pizza.”

Hay Kagome” said Kikyo “You remember Momegy and Boton right.”

Yeah I remember” said Kagome Ayame was right it was just a priestess thing. Ayame told them she would see them there, Tierra’s idea.

Tierra and Sango showed up just before the Pizza arrived. They all changed there cloth’s Momegy and Boton weren’t wearing what Tsubaki and Kikyo would think they would for a girls night out. They were going to ditch them at the club that was for sure or they would leave and go home because they didn’t believe in drinking or anything else. They and watched a movie and at fifteen minutes till nine they left for the club.


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